13 Tricks Ensuring your Mobile Data Security

Undoubtedly, smartphones have made it easier for us to access online websites but it has also given a chance to the hackers to spoil our web browsing activities. Cyber crimes have recently been on the rise where people are complaining about the theft of personal data that they used while accessing a website. However, there are 13 simple tips that you can follow to secure your data exchange over your mobile device.

Secure your business data

Suppose you are performing business transactions, you must implement apps that perform the functions of remote wipe, management of mobile data, or data encryption. Moreover, you can also install the MDM software to protect your data.

Hear what you type

The upgraded versions of your iPhone (above iPhone 4) comprise of an accelerometer, which can detect what you type on your smartphone by analyzing the keyboard vibrations. Hence, hackers can easily detect your passwords and important emails. Hence, you can use the pattern lock to open your emails.

2-Factor authentication

You can implement the two-step authentication process when you access important data on your mobile device. For example, if you want to access your email from the mobile device, you will receive a code on your verified contact number; after entering the unique code, you can read your emails.13 Tricks Ensuring your Mobile Data Security

Data encryption

Sharing personal data on an unencrypted network such as public Wi-Fi or hotspot is prone to the risk of data theft. Hackers can detect the useful information using the Wi-Fi details. Hence, you must access websites through a secured network using HTTP://. In this way, the particular website will abide by the standards established by the PCI data security as well as provide safer Internet access. In addition, you must access websites that have obtained the SSL certification.

Strong password

You must have a strong password and a different one for each application on your mobile device. A strong password is normally more than 6 characters. It refers to the unique combination of alphabets (small as well as capitals), numbers, and special characters or symbols such as *, $, #, @, etc. a hacker will have problems in decoding such passwords. Moreover, when you engage in online financial transactions through your mobile device, you must enter your net banking password using the virtual keyboard.

You can implement a password manager on your mobile device if you forget passwords quickly.

Active backup

You must arrange for offline data backup every hour daily. In case, your website crashes, the data backup will be handy.

Antivirus protection

You must protect your smartphone from any kind of malware, i.e. viruses, Trojan horses, scareware, spyware, etc. The malicious software can infect your smartphone when it enters your mobile device through cookies, emails, downloads, videos, photos, and accessing popular websites.

Email loopholes

To avoid hacking of email address, you must implement the password recovery option by sharing the details of your email account on any another email address. Protect the other email address using two-factor authentication.Data encryption

Secure FTP

Interception of FTP passwords is the most common hacking technique implemented in the field of cyber crimes. You can secure your FTP passwords by using Secured File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) that comprises of a private file for user authentication. Even cloud technology supports this method.

Savvy shopper

People are addicted to online shopping nowadays but beware shopping from unfamiliar or not so popular sellers and retailers; such retail websites contact you initially in the form of a promotional email message, SMS or through the social media. It is better to read the customer reviews about that site or you can verify the details on the Better Business Bureau.

Avoid the use of Wi-Fi hotspots

Public places such as cafes, small takeaways, etc are prone to the existence of a fraudulent Wi-Fi connection. A hacker may create a hotspot connection available in order to extract your personal data.

Custom settings for admin

Change the settings of the admin login page.

Locate /app/etc/local.XML -> Find <![CDATA[admin]]> the term ‘admin’ should be replaced with another code

Install mobile security apps

  • Avast
    Available on Google PlayFree mobile security appAntivirusWeb shield scans the websites
  • ESET Free app available on Amazon and Google Play100% malware detectionReal-time app scan
  • Leo Privacy Guard Leo Privacy Guard Review rates this app as the best solution for mobile securityAppLock protects your Smartphone appsAvoids privacy threats

    Shortcuts help access apps conveniently.

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