5 Considerations Before Purchasing A New iPhone

It seems like everywhere you look nowadays someone nearby has an iPhone. The reasoning to this varies. To one extent most can be traced to peer-influence and fondness of application usage. The new iPhone 5s and 5c hit the Apple Retail Store on September 20th, 2013. If you are interested in buying one yourself, you should keep in mind several considerations in advance. Investing in an iPhone or any phone for this matter should allow you to communicate freely, with ease and flexibility. It should also enable you to enhance lifestyle to the point that you are comfortable. Most of all, iPhone is without a doubt one of the most prestigious phones in the market, hence the prices they come in.

5 Considerations Before Purchasing iphone 5s

Look through 5 questions below to pint out considerations you may have forgotten. It’s always better to know in advance than to find out later what it comes to investing in technology.

Am I eligible for an upgrade?

iPhone is not exactly cheap, in fact it is one of the most costly phone brand in the market today. Though this has not stopped plenty from investing in them it is still important that you are aware of upgrade features that you may want to be updated with in the future and whether or not your opted iPhone is able to support you with that. If not, chances are you will end the contract of your phone and pay higher prices for a new one – $649 at retail price. However, if your selected iPhone is upgrade-able you can easily look for lower retail prices approaching the end of your phone contract – $199 for the 16 GB 5s and $99 for the 16 GB 5c. If you want more storage, then of course you’ll have to pay more.

Can I trade in my old phone?

In the event that you wish to sell your phone, make sure that your phone is not under contract. A contract must end in advance of selling the iPhone you have at hand. After the release of the iPhone 5c and 5s, many decided to let go of their current ones to be replaced with the latest versions. This plan can only work if the contract has elapsed and not when it is still half-way through. There is, however, other thing that you must be sure of. Not all stores accept trade-in plans. Several do like Walmart and Best Buy in return of singing contracts with the top 4 network operators: T-Mobile, AT&T, Verizon and Sprint. Hence, confirm this before you decide anything. Carrier stores are the least likely to accept and implement trade-in concepts.

What exactly is the new iPhone gonna give me?

The new iPhone 5S and 5c are very similar to the iPhone 5 version in many ways. Upgrading from the iPhone 5 to either one of the two will give you little satisfaction as the differences are not so visible. However, if you are an owner of the iPhone 4 series you will see a great change in aspects of cameras, LTE and screens. Enjoy larger screens with the iPhone 5 series, better capturing qualities of the camera and not to mention the LTE.

Can I get the new iPhone features on my older phone?

Lucky for you, iPhone 4 and 5 both operate under the iOS 7 hence features of the new iPhone 5 can easily be extracted to your iPhone 4 if you wish. The same logic applies in all phones and Operating System. If you are wondering what you can’t get, the answer is the hardware parts like the camera and processor. Therefore, if hardware elements are not so much of a matter to you, know that your iPhone 4 is still a great investment and highly-valued in the longer run.

Will I be able to switch if I’m coming from another Operating System?

Android OS has been known as a friendly rivalry to Apple. However, Apple remains one of the strongest as its applications list to thousands and is upgraded frequently. This allows its users to enjoy more benefit and whenever they like. If you have been using a non-Apple OS and are planning on using an Apple for a change, transferring emails, contacts and photos from your old phone won’t be a problem.

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