How to Access the Location History on iPhone

iPhone is one of the handiest mobile devices ever created and designed. In case you haven’t realized it, your phone can be used to record and keep the data of the many locations you have visited. And if you want to know the details, you can always access the history. It can even show you the exact locations within the map, in case you want to know the details, like longitude, latitude, and the exact spot. Who knows? Maybe you are in need of reviewing the places you have been, so here are the steps to help you accessing the data history.

About the Location History Usage

Apple has started to roll out the Location History on iPhone since the release of iOS 4. Despite the advantages of having been able to see where the users have been, the feature itself was quite controversial at first, with different people having different opinions about it. Some people are okay with it, saying that the feature should help. But some are worried that it will cause security and privacy issues, considering the feature can be used for ill intention activities. Spouses who are afraid about their partners cheating or hackers can make use of the feature, causing further issues. Apple claims that they are only trying to help, providing users with beneficial usage so they can always track and access the data. Apple also claims that the protection system over the data is very tight and secured, so users shouldn’t worry about a thing. They ensure their users that this feature is totally safe and won’t be misused – in any way, at all.

Here’s how the steps to access your location history:

  • Choose Setting option from the main menuHow to Access the Location History on iPhone (1)
  • Once you are in the Setting menu, choose Privacy option. It should be located under the option for Wallpaper and BrightnessHow to Access the Location History on iPhone (2)
  • Once you get into Privacy, you can see a list of options, including Contacts, Calendars, Photos, etc. Choose Location Services option and be sure that it is already on.How to Access the Location History on iPhone (3)
  • From the Location Services tab, choose System Services. It is somewhere near the bottom of the page.How to Access the Location History on iPhone (4)
  • Again, you will be presented with a list of options. Choose Frequent Locations that should be located under Wi-Fi Networking list.How to Access the Location History on iPhone (5)
  • When you are already in Frequent Locations page, you should see two main options available there: Frequent Locations and Improve Maps. The Frequent Locations should be on, while you don’t have to do anything with the Improve Maps.

    How to Access the Location History on iPhone (6)

  • On the bottom part of the page, there is a particular section of History. Underneath it, there are several names of places that you have just visited. Tap the History if you want to get details of the spots.How to Access the Location History on iPhone (7)
  • You should be able to see a map with specific locations. Select a particular spot by tapping it.How to Access the Location History on iPhone (8)
  • Now you are presented with the close up details of the spot, complete with the date and times of your visiting to that location.How to Access the Location History on iPhone (9)

If you don’t want your iPhone to record your data location, simply turn it off when you are in the Frequent Location page. Your iPhone will stop recording and storing the location data.

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