How to Add Facebook & Twitter Widget into Control Center

Sometimes we find it difficult when we access both social media from iPhone. You have to search in your Springboard launcher Facebook and Twitter applications that you have installed on your iPhone. Maybe you’re thinking what if the application launcher Facebook and Twitter in one place as in the Control Center?

Lucky you, now there are tweaks for jailbreak iPhone to place an application launcher of Facebook and Twitter to have share widget in one place, in the Control Center. It is actually not needed at all. Yes, that may be right and that might be a consideration of Apple. But we know that sometimes we need an application to place Facebook and Twitter into one place. It is called CCToggles app.

This tweak made by developers from Korea named deVbug. This tweak is not much different from CCControls, CCQuick or FlipControlCenter. The difference is CCToggles will allow us to edit or add the application launcher screen into the Control Center. Of all the tweaks above, have its advantages and disadvantages of each. For example, FlipControlCenter has such problems on an app called Activator.

How to Add Facebook & Twitter Widget in Control CenterWith CCToggles you can get all the features of FlipControlCenter, even there is one thing we do not get from FlipControlCenter but we can get in CCToggles, which can add Facebook and Twitter buttons into the Control Center. Surely this will allow us to open Facebook and Twitter directly and easier.

So, how do we add Facebook and Twitter widget into Control Center? Here we go:

  1. Go to Cydia. Type the CCToggles then download to complete.
  2. Go to Settings => CCToggles => QuickLaunches =>Add activator.
  3. Undefined Activator will appear then tap it and scroll down to Compose Facebook Post.
  4. Repeat step 3 to create Compose Twitter.

Once done, you can go to CCToggles launcher and open the app. There you will find two of this sharing, from Facebook and Twitter. You can also change it by going to Edit in the Settings tab, Select CCToggles, and tap QuickLauncher. Control Center will simplify and accelerate you when accessing Facebook and Twitter from one place. Check out the video tutorial below. Good luck!

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