How to Add Widgets on Android Home Screen

The first step that you are doing is buying technology. The next step is to master the technology. Many tips and tricks may be missed by you. If you have known those tips and tricks for a long time, salute for you! If not, you should start learning from now on.

Beginner’s Guide

For users who have yet used the Android widget application, this article is very appropriate for you. If you are still adamant to not getting in touch with these very fascinating widget applications, at least this article can invite you to get more familiar with them.

Widgets are small applications that can be installed and run on your Android home screen. This is a distinguishing feature of Android competitors (Windows Phone or iPhone). If you choose the right widget, it can raise entire speed with the help of shortcuts located on the home screen. On the other hand, the appearance of your home screen can also become more beautiful. Or, this is the best part, you can achieve both benefits at once.

How to get the widgets for free

The first step is to choose a roundup of the best free widgets available in Play Store. Download some interesting widget you found and then follow the instructions in this article on how to add widgets on your Android phone. This thing is fun and easy.

When you are not satisfied with the initial choice of widgets, you can remove them as quickly as other normal application.

Adding home screen widgets

1. Below, we have a Samsung Galaxy S4. This method is generally applicable to other Android devices. First, press on the App icon.

How to Add Widgets on Android Home Screen

2. Choose the Widgets tab that appears on the home screen. Behind all the application, widgets will be visible in alphabetical sequence.

How to Add Widgets on Android Home Screen (0)

3. Having found a widget that you like, put your finger on the widget. (This view is not able to download widgets. You can only select widgets that you already downloaded). The widget will appear in the list, and then the home screen slides in a mini version will appear below it. Make sure your finger is still holding down. Next, drag the widget to the empty section on the home screen.

How to Add Widgets on Android Home Screen (1)

4. There are several widgets that can be resized. Below is shown a picture that shows the size marker adjustment. Slide it in to shrink it and slide it out to expand it. Adjust the widget within the area that is on your Android home screen.

How to Add Widgets on Android Home Screen (2)

5. When finished, lock the widget by clicking on the outside of the widget.

How to Add Widgets on Android Home Screen (3)

Upon completion, there are some widgets that display the app settings and preferences with the option to configure. Adjust as you want. You are all done.

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