Apple iOS 8 beta 5 brings features for Maps

This year Apple, by introducing the iOS 8, has proved that this edition will be the best in last seven years. And as the beta versions are releasing one after another with features which are sort of unexpected from Apple, I think iOS 8 will make Apple again on the top of the smartphone seller. Right now, it’s been a criticism from the release on June 2nd at WWDC 2014 of iOS 8, that it doesn’t have anything for their one of the top app Maps.

But it’s time to correct you because the iOS 8 beta 5 has made an unpredictable awesome feature for those who own an iPhone and have just moved to a new city. It is tough settling at the start when you move to a new place or if you are on a trip for few days. What exactly the latest iOS 8 beta 5 has brought to help you? Let’s find out.

The Spotlight Search Including Maps Search Result

Suppose that you are searching for a well-known restaurant, say by a name The Chef in a new city. What you have to do is just type The Chef in the spotlight search bar and the result from Maps app will appear there with address and contact details. One click on that and you will be directed straight to the Maps app where you can get directions, you can have the contact details and you can have the address. Now what’s next is interesting too.Apple iOS 8 beta 5

The Data Transfer from Maps to Contacts Recent List

Now on that Maps page, the time you will click the phone number, you will be directed straight to recent page and all the information about that food outlet will also be transferred automatically there including the web page, physical address and the Yelp score. This is an example for any other place. The thing which is helpful is that suppose first you searched that eating place and made a call to reservations. Now when it will be time to go, then you can just open your recent list and get the directions right from there which makes it a perfect feature for saving time and effort.

What else in iOS 8 beta 5?

As analyzed in other apps, this feature has no support for any other app including SIRI and Safari. This totally concludes that beta 5 was all about Maps. Let’s see if the data transfer between apps takes place in any other app in upcoming beta releases.

The Expected Release of iOS 8

It is clear that this fall we will see Apple iOS 8 alongside the much-awaited iPhone 6. IPhone 6 is expected to make it in two versions, with one in the 4.7-inch display and other in the 5.5-inch display. Well, let’s hope that Apple keep surprising us before that with its unique new features. This one till now has impressed lots of faces who are Apple likers and even non-users.

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