Apps We’ve got This Week: Baldur’s Gate II, Command C and More

January 2014 is entering the last week and you should have something new to busy yourself. Here we have a list of brand new apps to accompany your day and night. Check them out!

Faded App

Are you a fan of filter apps? Then Faded comes to give you a new experience in editing pictures. We know that there are many filter apps available in the App Store, but Faded offers different ways to edit your photos. Faded provides 34 ways to fade your pictures plus 36 more filters that you can get with the in-app purchase. You can adjust the gradients, emulsions, and frames to enhance your photos. Faded is priced at $0.99.

Apps We’ve got This Week - Faded

Tadaa 3D App

If you are looking for a good app for free, Tada 3D can be your option. Tadaa 3D is a camera app to let you capture a photo with blur background. It gives the same effect as Tadaa SLR though it has parallax effect to create the subject seems to move while the background is still. To make it better, you can share the effect with others via Tadaa’s website. Download this app for Free.tadaa 3d

Baldur’s Gate II App

Baldur’s Gate series of games might be your best friend to kill the time. If you love enjoying games and get some fun from it, then Baldur’s Gate II is worth trying. Baldur’s Gate series are launched by iPad and it has been a favorite of D&D gameplay fans. Baldur’s Gate series of games include the original Shadows of Amn campaign, Throne of Bhaal and The Black Pits II. You can get this game for $14.99.Baldur’s Gate II

Command-C App

This app makes everything easier to copy on your Mac and paste on your iOS device. You probably think that it will be more practical to share something by copying and pasting. And now, Command-C comes to make it possible. This app links between devices to allow you copy and paste without opening the app. You can enjoy this app for $3.99.command-c

Alertic App

This app allows you to be an instant forecaster as it gives you information about the upcoming weather conditions. Now you know when to bring your umbrella. Alertic offers alert and notification to let you know every time the wind shifts. The simple interface makes it easier to read and understand. You will be the first to know the wind speed, rain and temperature changes. This app is available for $0.99.Alertic - Weather Alerts

Across Age 2 App

This role-plays game is listed into the top new games in the App Store. Across Age 2 comes with the 16-bit retro game feel and it is quite similar to Legend of Zelda. This game allows you to switch between four characters with different abilities. Across Age 2 is priced at $3.99.accross age 2

Mega Jump 2 App

Do you love the jumping-jumping game? Mega Jump 2 comes with cute character to amuse you. Make Redford and his friends jump to collect the treasure. With hundreds of missions, this game will not make you bored in a week. You can enjoy this game for free.mega jump 2

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