BackBlaze Review: Unlimited Online Backup Cloud Storage

Cloud storage is now becoming a very popular and hype thing, considering its easy implementation and flexibility. Everyone loves the idea that they can always save their files and data in a safe environment and they can access the files easily.

Nowadays, there are lots of providers offering their services for cloud storage. Some of them are paid ones, and only a few that offer free service. However, when you choose the paid service, you generally will get more advantages and flexibilities in managing your files. Among the top names in this cloud storage industry, BackBlaze is considered as one of the best. Read along this BackBlaze review, and you will see why this one is so popular and likeable.

backblaze review

About BackBlaze

BackBlaze is targeting personal users, although they also offer services for business. There are lots of great things about this provider. Not only BackBlaze offer affordable price (even lower than the similar providers), it’s also too easy to use, from the configuration, file restoration, and much more.

I’m not a rocket scientist myself, and frankly, the technical stuff isn’t my thing. But I have no problems at all operating BackBlaze. All I need to do is to remember my password and I can rest assured that all my data is safely kept. Even the thought of my computers being damaged or lost doesn’t bother me anymore.

The cool thing about BackBlaze is its simplicity. The provider only offers one backup plan – not two, or three. Only one. It’s meant to keep customers stay focused and not confused about all the different things and plans being offered. They have:

  • Basic monthly plan costs $5 a month.
  • A yearly plan costs $4.17 a month or $50 for one year.
  • Two-year plan costs $3.96 a month or $95 for two years. You save $25!

Not only BackBlaze is able to provide low price offer, it continues giving out discounts and price cuts for their loyal customers. Granted that the plan applies to one account from one computer, but you can also set up different computers with additional cost.

Another perk you can enjoy is the unlimited backup plan for your personal computer. You can enjoy:

  • Unlimited online backup space. Which means that you can store as much data as you want.
  • Unlimited file size. Whether you have video files over 300 MB or other bigger files, be sure that you can keep them easily.
  • Unlimited file types. You can save whatever file types you want; no restrictions.
  • Unlimited speed. What about the average uploading speed? Well, that depends on your internet connection though. I figured out that it took me only 1 hour to upload almost 3 Gb files! To me, BackBlaze has a blazing speed for backing up online.

What I like

1. The great thing about BackBlaze is that once you have done the initial setup, everything can be arranged automatically. Whenever you make new changes or have a new backup, it will be automatically backed up into BackBlaze system, so there is no need to do manual work.

backblaze review (0)

2. It works on both Mac and Windows. For iOS users: iPhone and iPad, you can download the app from the AppStore.

backblaze review iphone app

3. It has different restoring options, including mobile and web apps or USB/hard drive service via FedEx. For full restoration with USB/hard drive, an extra cost will be added naturally.

backblaze review (2)

4. It offers continuous backup service, which you can adjust to your own preference. Whether you want to have scheduled system or do it manually, it is up to you.

backblaze review schedule backup

5. It has a top-notch security system, with reliable and professional staffs, biometric security, private encryption key and 128-bit AES military grade encryption system.

backblaze review private encryption key

6. Even when you lose your computer, BackBlaze is able to help you track it down so that you can report it to the police.

Locate My Computer backblaze review

What I don’t like

1. I don’t know whether it is a good thing for some users or not, but there is no file sharing when you use BackBlaze. If you are a type of user who really likes to keep it to yourself, you may like it. But if you like sharing, this feature may be a problem. Even for a business plan, there is this centralised admin that will supervise everything.

2. Another downside is that BackBlaze does limit the file versioning. They only allow it for 30 days before deleting them all. It would be nice if BackBlaze can do something about it – whether to offer longer period or to keep them with an additional fee.

3. And the fact that BackBlaze isn’t available for the Android platform is a bit put off and confusing. I mean, Android is now becoming the most popular OS in the mobile industry. If BackBlaze wants to get more customers, they should be thinking about working on this sector. It would be a shame is such reliable, affordable, handy, and promising service like this go unnoticed.

Final Words

Sign up for BackBlazeBackBlaze is offering inexpensive price for those wanting to save their personal data – like photos, videos, and many more. Not only this service is wallet-friendly, it is also safe with a solid security system.

If you want to try BackBlaze, it won’t hurt you to have the trial period. You can use BackBlaze for 15 days and then you have to start making decisions whether you are going to pay for its subscription or not. You will get clearer ideas of how everything is managed and set.

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