Best Editing Apps for iPhone 6 and How to Use Them

It seems the iPhone is more ubiquitous than ever. With the iPhone 6 setting records and seeming to appear everywhere, it’s safe to say that the iPhone is near the top of the list when discussing the world’s most popular smartphone. Because iPhones are so common, it also means that the iPhone’s camera is among the most commonly used cameras in the world. While the specs alone in the iPhone camera won’t blow anybody away, the simple fact is that it takes some of the most consistently great photos of any smartphone on the market. Sometimes, however, the stark offerings in the iPhone’s stock camera aren’t quite enough. In cases like this, knowing where to turn for extra editing options can be extremely helpful. Here are some of the best editing apps for iPhone 6.


This app is free to download, although you do have the option to purchase additional filters. What’s great about this app is that it allows all sorts of editing options, from subtle to extreme. Whether you’re just looking to enhance your photos or change them completely, VSCO Cam can help you along the way.

After you’ve selected a filter, you can edit your photo more precisely using the robust options presented. Everything from exposure to saturation to shadow and highlight level can be adjusted. After you’ve finished editing your photo, you can upload it directly to social media (Instagram, obviously, but also Twitter and Facebook) to share it with your followers.

One drawback is that, when selecting filters, there really isn’t anything in the way of an explanation regarding what each filter does. It’s really a trial and error process, as you have to select each option to see what effect is had.

With its editing options and simplicity, VSCO Cam is definitely one of the best ways to edit photos taken from your iPhone camera and is my personal favorite.

Using the app

Launching the app will show you a “dashboard” that essentially shows all the photos you’ve worked on so far, with an option to add a new photo at the top:Best Editing Apps for iPhone 6 and How to Use it

After selecting the photo you want to edit, you’ll be given the option to select a filter:Best Editing Apps for iPhone 6 and How to Use it1

After which you’ll be given the option to fine-tune your image:Best Editing Apps for iPhone 6 and How to Use it2

It may seem like a lot of steps, but as you’re actually doing it, it’s quite intuitive and easy and results in some great photos.


While other editing apps seem to focus largely on post photo editing, the $3.99 ProCamera focuses just as much on the actual snapping. With quite a few editing options available as you take your picture, ProCamera is one of the best ways to edit your photos both during the picture-taking process, as well as after.

While you shoot your photos, you can easily modify things such as white balance, color temperature, shutter speed, and more. This makes it easier to have photos come out closer to what you intend and makes ProCamera a more customizable alternative to the standard iPhone camera.

One of the coolest features ProCamera offers is its advanced HDR (which is a $1.99 in-app purchase), which enhances images automatically:pro camera1

Using the app

Opening ProCamera takes you directly to the camera itself, which immediately shows a few editing tools:procamera

Clicking on the “list” (shown in the upper right-hand corner in the above image) allows you to add more editing options:pro camera 1

These allow you to add precise edits to your photo prior to taking it (although you’re also able to add in edits after the fact). This makes ProCamera a great alternative to the standard iPhone camera, which can be lacking at times.

Camera Noir

Some of the best apps used for editing iPhone photos can be quite complicated. If you’ve ever found yourself shaking your head in confusion at all the options provided by an app, Camera Noir will be a breath of fresh air. You’re able to edit photos you’ve already taken with your iPhone camera, or you can take them directly with the app. The real draw here is that it offers only three editing options.

The gist of Camera Noir is stark black and white photos. Like its namesake, this app offers moody, dramatic interpretations of images. When you go to snap or edit your photo, you’re given the option to set it as “Hi”, “Mid”, or “Low”, which is essentially the exposure level. That’s it. It may not be enough for those who are looking for a ton of editing options, but it’s great for those who just want simple, good looking black and white photos.

Using the app

As stated, Camera Noir is the definition of simplicity, with very little learning curve required:camera noir

You’re able to adjust the exposure with the button shown in the upper right-hand corner, and add pictures from your photo library with the button in the lower right-hand corner. Simple as that.


If Camera Noir is on one end of the spectrum, Snapseed is on the other. It definitely takes some getting used to, but once you’ve learned the basics, it’s pretty fun to use. Minimalism is definitely not the name of the game when it comes to Snapseed, but the tradeoff is that the level of customization is huge. It’s not that the interface is complicated per se, but the sheer amount of options available can be a bit overwhelming to those who may not be used to it.

Personally, I like Snapseed when I want to customize my photos to have them look less than conventional (such as the one below).

I don’t use it as my primary editing app, but if I’m looking to do something a little more out of the box, it’s a great option. While it can be frustrating in some apps to get “lost” in editing, where you aren’t necessarily sure exactly sure what you’re doing all the time, with Snapseed, that’s part of the fun. Every change you make can drastically alter your photo, which can result in some pretty interesting edits to your images.

Snapseed is free and allows for onboard integration into your social media profiles, so it’s easy to share your photos.

Using the app

Pulling up the Snapseed app will show a sample image in the middle of the page; to add your own photo, you click on the “plus” sign in the upper left-hand corner:snapseed

There are plenty of filters to choose from, and individual editing options within each filter. You can also layer effects on top of each other to create unique images:snapseed1

The above example certainly isn’t 100% indicative of all that Snapseed can do, but it gives you an idea regarding how far it can go. From subtle to extreme edits, Snapseed is a great option to supplement the iPhone camera.

NightCap Pro

One of the inherent problems with digital photography is taking nighttime photos. The iPhone camera has lots of pluses, but taking photos at night unfortunately leaves a lot to be desired. This is where NightCap Pro is a great app to have. At $1.99, it’s a great value for those who are frustrated by the shortcomings of the iPhone camera.

Taking a photo at night with the iPhone camera can be quite frustrating, because you might be able to see an amazing scene with your eyes, but your camera just can’t capture it at the same level. With long exposure functionality, NightCap Pro allows you to edit your nighttime photos to a level that makes them look much more appealing.

Using the app

Launching NightCap Pro takes you straight into the camera, which allows for a few basic adjustments:NightCap Pro

However, clicking the gear at the top of the screen will allow you change your settings more precisely:NightCap Pro 1

With the option to set your shutter speed and adjust your exposure very precisely, NightCap Pro allows for great photos taken in low-level light.


There really isn’t a consensus when it comes to the “best” iPhone photography app. As you may have notice, each of the apps mentioned here specialize in different things, so you can use all of them, or you can just pick your favorite and go with that. The bottom line is that you have no shortage of ways to edit photos you take with your iPhone camera, and if you’re bored with the photos you’ve been taking, give them a try.

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