How to Boost Battery Life on iPad, iPhone & iTouch (Part 2)

After previously you have been shown about ways to boost battery life on iPad, iPhone, or iTouch, I’m going to show you more ways to tweak the overall setting of your devices. Know that boosting your battery life can be done through lots of ways, and there are still more techniques and methods that you should know.

Disabling the Bluetooth and WiFi

It is best for you to disable these features when you are not within the range of any known network. Turning off the feature will prevent your device from continuously checking for network – this really affects the battery life. Moreover, if you can use WiFi connectivity, you had better use it because it is better than cellular data, leading to you able to save more power in the battery. Set the Ask to Join Networks option off so you remain connected to the particular network. Only turn on the Bluetooth if you are going to use it. To do so, go to Setting. You should see both the Bluetooth and WiFi option there. Set them off and only set them on when you need them.

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Disabling the Cellular Data

If you are not going to use the cell data for services or apps, it is better to set them off. Your device has different toggles for the data – some may be hidden – so always check them all thoroughly.

  • Go to Settings and choose Cellular. It should be set off
  • Go to Settings, and choose Safari, and then choose Reading List. It should be off too
  • Go to Settings, and choose iTunes & App Store. If you are not going to use them, set them off.How to Boost Battery Life in iPad iPhone iTouch (10)

Reducing the Motion

Thanks to the high-end technology on iOS, the alerts and icons have very attractive and appealing effects. However, it consumes the battery life as the iOS will constantly track the motion. Go to Settings, and choose General. From General page, choose Accessibility. You should be able to see the Reduce Motion option. It should be on.

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Disabling Siri Raise

Having Siri to speak is nice, but such feature can consume the battery life. Disable it so the system doesn’t have to continuously check the proximity sensor in order to find out whether the device has been raised close to your ear or not. Go to Settings and choose General. When you see option for Siri, turn it off.

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Turning off the AirDrop Feature

If you are not using the AirDrop feature, then you should turn it off. When your device is in the discoverable mode, turning the AirDrop will prevent you from using and accessing the WiFi and Bluetooth. Go to Control Center and swipe it up.

Turning off the Vibrations

Although this feature is quite handy, it can consume the battery power. Go to Settings and choose Sounds. Turn the vibration off.

Setting the Auto Lock

Set your device’s Auto-Lock to 1 minute. The shorter your device display is, the more power you can save. You can also lock your device manually after every use, so the 1 minute auto-lock doesn’t have to be activated. Go to Settings, choose General, and choose Auto Lock. Tick on 1 minute option for the Auto Lock feature.How to Boost Battery Life in iPad iPhone iTouch (17)

If you have more ideas about how to boost battery life on iPad, iPhone & iTouch, kindly share them with us. 🙂

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