Carbonite Review: What I like & What I don’t Like

Choosing cloud storage provider can be tricky, especially those who can provide service for both personal usage as well as a business. Among the many names in this industry, Carbonite stands out among the others – not only because of its good service but also because of its popularity. Carbonites get its fame from the press as well as a celebrity endorsement. But is their service really that good? Read along this Carbonite review and you will find out the answer.

About Carbonite

Basically, Carbonite is designed to provide a backup system that is easy to use as well as affordable. It seems that they have done a pretty good job since they back up more than 350,000 files for a daily basis, with 20 billion of restored files. Their customers come from all around the world, where the service is accessible in more than 100 countries.

Carbonite is among a few providers that offer services for both personal and business use. The company offers the so called the Personal plans and Pro plans. Both plans come with free trial – one that lasts only 15 days and the other for 30 days. The great thing about the trial mode is that you will be given full version which gives you access to all the provided services and features. Renewing the plan will be automatically done by the end of the contract period, unless you want it to stop.

Carbonite plan personal vs pro

Carbonite Plans and Price

Carbonite has the so called Personal Basic service that costs around $60 a year. This can be a great spending for such reliable cloud storage service. If you calculate the entire spending, it saves you quite a lot of money. You can upgrade your plan to Personal Plus – costs you around $100 a year – or Personal Prime – for $150 a year. All of these services offer basic features like mirror image or external hard drive backup.

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You can enjoy the unlimited space for the cloud storage service, therefore you don’t have to be confused about which files to save because you can save them all. The mirror image system ensures that all your files will be kept and saved in very convenient and flexible way. Your system, including configurations, software, and OS, will be backed up. For this reason, you won’t have to deal with the security issue. If your device is stolen or damaged, this mirror image system can save you a lot of troubles. All you have to do is restoring them into another device. It saves you a lot of troubles, energy, and time.

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What I Like

As you can see, Carbonite does provide solid and good program. Some of the basic benefits you can enjoy are:

  • The storage space is unlimited.
  • Your entire system will get a full backup system.
  • There is a recovery disk system through courier service. Video backup can also be done automatically.
  • Handy colored features to see which files have been backed up and which haven’t.
  • You can adjust the setting to have an automatic backup or the manual one.
  • Restoring files is simple and easy. You can either access your account through online or through Carbonite drive. This particular drive will be added automatically during installation.

What I Don’t Like

The drawback is the absence of public linking. Although you can always sync your files with different devices, there is no feature for the public link share. Moreover, Carbonite doesn’t have an app for Windows Phone. Although they provide an app for Android and IOS platform. Yes, you can always use the Carbonite Mobile (designed to backup media files through the tablet or phone) or Carbonite Sync and Share (designed to share and collaborate files), but it would be nicer if you can have apps for Windows Phone, for more flexible and efficiency reason.

The service has nice and solid security system, with a reliable server that ensures smooth operation. Your account is still accessible, despite a server failure. Moreover, the drives are enterprise grade, whose quality has been tested. All of the data centers are supported by strong generators and UPS in case of emergency situations. Biometric scanners are used to prevent human intruders. File encryption is using Blowfish standard encryption. And if you want to manage your own encryption system, you can do so. Remember, though, that this management is only applicable for Windows users and this action will prevent any mobile device access.

Final Words

Try Carbonite for 15 daysAll in all, if you are looking for a functional online cloud storage with user-friendly feature and affordable price, Carbonite seems like a good option. When you save your business files in this cloud system, be sure that you will only get the best. You can set up a backup schedule with simpler management and use. Sure, this service isn’t perfect – be prepared to deal with minor drawbacks – but there are more benefits that you can enjoy than the flaws.

Moreover, if you have complaints, you can always report it to the company so they can address the problem right away. One of the great things about Carbonite is the reliable support. You can always contact them through phone, emails, or chats without having to pay extra. So, don’t be confused when you face issues as they will be able to lend a hand right away.

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