How to Choose the Best iPhone 5 & 5s Screen Protector

People often overdo stuff when they are about to choose the best iPhone screen protector for their gadgets. Yes, you want to get the best for your device. Yes, you want to make sure that your device is well protected and secured. But do you really need that bulletproof cover that will make your device go bulky – although your iPhone won’t scratch a bit when thrown to the wall? But again, what kind of moron wants to throw his device against the wall? Unless you have a psychotic episode and you are a bit unwell over the head, you don’t need the high-grade protector; choosing the good one with solid and enough protection is enough.

So, among the many brands and names in the smartphone industry, which item and brand should you choose? After all, what kind of features you are looking from a protector: the design, the material, the colors, or what? Do you want the regular one or the anti-glare? Among the myriads of names, types, and designed, there are some names that are truly worthy. And here are the best iPhone 5 screen protectors that you can consider. 

How to Choose the Best iPhone 5 & 5s Screen Protector 2


Among the many reliable names in the smartphone industry, Spigen is one of the best companies with only the best products. Yes, you may have to spend quite a lot for it, but it is truly worth it. The tR Slim Glass Protector is sold around $35, and it is quite durable and sturdy despite the thin design. The great thing about this protector is that it is made of a high quality material, with tempered transparent glass. You can be sure that low impact like minor dents or scratches won’t happen at all. The protector is also covered in oleophobic coating so your fingerprint won’t stick to the device. The natural oil – along with sweats – from your body won’t stain your device, so it will be as good as new. This protector is quite expensive and rather difficult to be installed correctly and properly, but with a little effort, you will find it truly worth it. 

Sir Lancelot’s Armor

Sir Lancelot’s Armor

Known as the Glass Holy Grail protector, the product from Sir Lancelot’s Armor may not similar to your everyday devices. It is quite thick – thicker than the product from Spigen – but you can be sure that it is truly solid and sturdy. The tempered glass being used is the premium one, so it is very high in quality. Despite the thickness, it is one of the protectors that are easily installed; thanks to the silicon based construction with bubble free installation and reusable adhesive. The touchscreen feature is still maximized, so you should have no problem using your device. However, using other cases will present a minor issue if you are using this protector, but be sure that it is worth it and your device will be protected in the best way possible. Another flaw is that it is also quite pricey, with tag price around $40.

How to Choose the Best iPhone 5 & 5s Screen Protector 1

Tech Armor

The Glass Clear Ballistic Ultra protector is an example of affordable and reliable protector that doesn’t have to cost you a fortune. If you are still doubtful about its good quality, go to Amazon and check it for yourself. You will see tons of positive reviews – around only 5,000 of them – about the protector. The only flaw is the warranty. The protector comes with an oleophobic cover to eliminate smudges and stain. The protector also comes with a rounded design with hardened glass and laser cut quality. It is not overly thick like the one from Sir Lancelot, but you can be sure that this scratch resistant protector is truly worth your spending. After all, you will only be spending not more than $16, so what should you be worried about? 



The ShatterProof protector from Amzer may be a bit heavy on your pocket, but it is truly worth it. it is not made of tempered glass, but it is made of high-quality urethane film. Don’t worry, it is not just a regular urethane film, but it is a polymer and non-Newtonian material that is highly flexible and solid. You don’t have to worry that it will be shattered into tiny particles – because it is not made of glass. With this protector, you can be sure that your device will remain clear with responsive and unhampered touchscreen ability. However, be sure that this protector is applied correctly and properly because it tends to peel off when not done well. The tag price is almost the same as the one from Sir Lancelot, about $40

Those are just several examples of the best screen protectors. Of course, it depends on your preference and you are like to the names in the industry. Be sure to do your research intensively and carefully. Don’t rush things in order to get the best of your spending.

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