How to Enable Hotspot Tethering without Jailbreaking Your iPhone

Of course it is nice to have our own hotspot tethering in your iPhone, especially if you can do it without jailbreaking your device or pay for additional charges. Generally, you will have to pay for activating tethering feature in your iPhone since it means that you can use the cellular data connectivity with other gadgets. But what if you can activate the feature without having to spend extra expenses? It is certainly nice, isn’t it?

hotspot tethering without jailbreak iphone

Keep in mind, though, that there are some things you need to do before you decide to give this hacking method a try.

  • Know that such tweak can only be done for those having iPad or iPhone with iOS 6. Some reports even say that the procedure doesn’t work anymore for iOS 7.
  • You will be making some changes on the .plist files on the iOS, so you should do the steps carefully and be sure to follow all directions to the letter.
  • Be sure that your gadget has been backed up in case the procedure fails and things go wrong.
  • Keep in mind that tethering other gadgets can consume the cellular data pretty fast, so you need to make a certain arrangement for limited allotment. This tweak works better for those with unlimited data plan.
  • Know that this step is reported successful on T-Mobile only (so far). It is said that those having AT&T carrier can still use this step, but it requires more efforts to tinker around. This procedure isn’t suggested for CDMA devices.

Here are the steps to enable the personal tethering feature:

  • Download iBackupBot and install it on your computer (Mac / Windows)
  • Make a backup first by using iTunes. Make sure that you know the exact time and date of the backup creation.
  • Minimize the iTunes window and open the iBackupBot. In case there is something wrong during the program loading, simply click cancel, then continue, and/or ignore.
  • When the program opens, you will be able to see lists of the backup files stored within the iTunes library. Find the one that you have just created and click on the plus symbol. This action will show you different selections.hotspot tethering without jailbreak
  • Choose the options System Files, and then choose SystemPreferencesDomain, and then System Configuration. If you see a file with name preferences.plist, right click on it, and choose the Open with Built-In Editor. This action will show you lines of code to work with.hotspot tethering no jailbreak
  • When you have opened the file, scroll down and search for tethering APN that is related to your carrier. If you are still confused about what it is, find APNs with 16 or 48 bit. Be sure to erase the lines of code in the APN tethering field:

hotspot tethering no jailbreak on iphone1

  • If you are using CDMA carriers, the DUN APNs will be used.
  • If you have found the APN tethering, change the data to the regular one used by your device. For instance, the APN for T-Mobile is changed from the to either or it relies on your preference.
  • Change the already changed file and close the iBackupBot.
  • Access the iTunes and opt for Restore from Backup while pressing the shift key – if you are using Window. If you are using Mac, you should press the Option key.
  • Choose the update that is related to the backup and modified, and then choose Restore option.
  • You should wait for the booting process and your tethering feature can now be used.
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