How to Choose the Best Password Manager Tools

How to Choose the Best Password Manager Tools

When you log into any website or online merchant, you should be very careful with your passwords. Some websites could not be trusted to safe your password, even if they said to have high security. If someone gets your password and use it for something bad it would mean trouble for you, especially when you use the same password for all of your accounts. This is why you would be suggested to keep a different password for different sites, you should also change passwords frequently. But then how you could remember all of those passwords?

The only way that you could do to be able to remember all of those passwords is by using applications. I have gathered best password manager app for you to use.


This application used to consider as the best password application on Mac operating system. But with their growth popularity they surely want the company to grow more, that is why they have spread their availability to other operating system such as windows, android and iOS. However the free version would only be available for android operating system, while the other would only offers free trial for a month. With this tool you would be able to save your passwords locally or you could also access it everywhere through Dropbox server. You could also use this application in all popular browsers, the password would be sent in encrypted text so it would be safe for you. This application would only available by purchase or you could try it for free for 30 days. To get it in cheaper price we suggest you to purchase the application in bundle for all operating system that you have. 

Sticky Password

With this application, you could integrate your entire password to all browsers that you have inside your computer. You could also create a password for a new site that you want to sign up to so your password would be stronger, but you do not have to remember all of those passwords since this application would be able to remember it all for you. They would also fill the password whenever you want to log into your account so you do not need to manually type it. What best from this application is that because it has many kinds of encryption method that you could choose based on what you need. Moreover, you could also make a portable application that you could bring everywhere on your USB flash disk. You could get this application in the free version or you could purchase pro version that would allow you to save unlimited password account and manage it with more feature. 


This application also available for a lot of operating system such as windows, android and Mac for free on most popular browsers, but you could only store up to 10 accounts. If you want to have an unlimited account you need to purchase their premium service, but you should not have to worry since for the first year you would get the discount price.

Your password would save on first use of the application when you are prompt to save it, then after you have saved and manage all your password you would simply need to search on the list of side on the application to be able to go on the side that you want and this application will automatically log you in. Aside from the automatic login, this application would also remember all data that you input on any form on the internet. So whenever you find another form to fill in, this application could fill it for you by using one order click. 


For using this application you do not need to pay for it, since it is based on open source application that could be used for free. That is why it comes in portable version so you could use it for your entire device since it could support many kinds of operating system. The best thing about this application is that the password that you already store inside the application is also stored in encryption text so it could double the security for your passwords. With this application you could group your password to your liking, create notes that need security, generates password, export and import it. However this application could not fill your password field automatically, but you need to copy and paste it yourself. Then again the copy and paste is done in more secure way. 


You could also use this application for free which comes with a lot of feature such as automatic filler, organizer and many other. However when you want your password to be backed up in a cloud service then you have to pay for their service. You could easily create your account in their application then it will fill all your account information automatically for you so you would not have to do it yourself. Like other application they also have a list of account that you have on different kind of website. The best thing on this application is that the list which they generate also uses the real logo from every website that you list onto this application. We could then see colorful list that you would never found on other application, thus it would be easier for you to find the website that you need. 

No matter what application that you want to use for your passwords it is best that you could know what you need before you choose the application. Pay attention to the feature of each application, especially when you plan to purchase it, so you could be sure if you really need those features or not. Then find your best password manager app according to your needs so you could save more money by purchasing an application that suitable for you.

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