How to Get The Most Out of Google Drive

Cloud storage has become a new trend right now, with all the flexibilities and perks being offered. You can always access your files from anywhere, and anytime, and by using any kind of devices. It certainly offers a new type of freedom and practicality. Lots of the users are using Gmail and also Google Docs, so you can try using Google Drive for better and newer convenience.

Don’t worry; using Google Drive isn’t difficult at all. If you have been familiar with Google Docs, then dealing with Google Drive would be no brainer at all. You can access or edit up to 30 different file types without being prompted to install any software for your device. Another great thing is that Google is offering free storage for 15GB. In case you want to increase the storage space, you can have 100GB by paying only $1.99 per month. That sounds like a good deal, right? For more detail about Google Drive pricing, click here.

So, here are some of the basic guides that you can use so you won’t be confused at all.

Register and Easy Access

When you want to use Drive, be sure to go to the official website and then register. You will be immediately granted the 5 GB space. After that, download the Drive client and install it within your devices – whether it is iOS, Android, PC, or Mac. Here are some of the perks you can enjoy:

1. On your iOS & Android, Drive enables you to view your documents as well as sharing them. If you want to, you can create new formatted files, including Spreadsheet and Documents.

How to Get the More Out of Google Drive iOS

2. On your PC & Mac, Drive has the same features like Dropbox, also with similar options. Simply click on it and you get to view the options. You can get access to folder view as well.

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Web Drive

There are lots of similar features available in Drive that has similarities with Google Docs. If you are an avid user of Docs, maneuvering your way around should be easier and simpler. For instance, you can share the files by allowing the features. If you want to access the comment or drag and drop feature, you can easily do so.

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The main menu is located on the left side and the overall view is just the same as Docs. However, Drive offers a new feature where you can alter the view into the Grid. Simply point to the top menu and change it.

Goggles Search

When you are using Drive for the web, the search bar is integrated with Google Goggles. With this feature, you can always find your files easily. Simply type the file you are looking for. You can also have the search of the text contained within a document, PDF files, or photos. Once you type in the keyword, there will be a list of all related results.

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Edit Files

The great thing about using Drive is that you can edit different kind of types, even AutoCAD, with the installation-free arrangement. Drive has this special extension feature for editing purposes, which you can use very easily and efficiently. With it, you can edit different kinds of files by using your Chrome browser only. Simply go to the official page, download the needed extension, and install it. Bear in mind that this feature requires Internet connection, so you need to go online for it.

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New and Different Types of Files

You have the freedom to choose new types of file easily. Find the option Create – usually located on the left side menu – and simply choose the types of file you want to have. If you need other file types – aside the ones Google has provided – just choose More. If you install the Chrome extension, the more selections will be available, so it is definitely a great perk for you.

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Edit and Access Files Offline

You can also edit and access your files offline by downloading Drive’s client for your device. Although you make changes during offline, any changes will automatically sync once you go online. Don’ worry; Google will have a time stamp for the reference.

Keep in mind, though, that offline features has their own limitation. Here are some considerations you have to remember with the offline feature:

1. You can always open any non-Google Doc type, and then view or edit them offline, only if you already install specific software – along with the file types.

2. You can always view Goggle documents and also spreadsheets, but you can’t edit them.

3. You can’t view any Google forms, presentations, and drawings when you are offline.

Access Google Spreadsheet and Docs Offline

Another great thing about Drive is the ability to access Google’s spreadsheets and docs offline through your Chrome browser. You can set them up by following these steps, but it requires an Internet connection.:

1. Open Chrome and access Google Drive.

2. On the left side menu, choose Offline and then press Enable Offline button.

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From now on, the Google spreadsheet or document will be available on the new tab of your browser when you are offline. You can only access it, mind you, not editing it.

You may be wondering, “What took Google so long to launch Drive, anyway?”. Yes, we are all wondering the same. Despite the late arrival, Drive is still handy and beneficial. Not to mention that Google Docs can now be accessed locally within your devices – creating easier working flexibility.

Drive really makes your life easier, with different types of files and also simplicity to access them, view them, and even edit them with different devices anytime and anywhere.

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