How to Get the Most Out of iOS 8 Beta

The new iOS 8 is certainly promising new features, as can be seen from the Beta versions being released a few moments ago. You can basically enjoy loads of new and handy features. The Beta 2 version, for example, has allowed users to benefits from better podcast integration, better and improved touch system, caller ID in full screen mode, and also the ability to turn off the app notifications.

Sounds like a very good deal, right? Well, guess what? In the Beta 3 version, you will be getting more perks than ever. You get more access and freedom when it comes to managing and controlling photos, QuickType, iCloud, and others. And the great thing is that not only you can tweak things in your iPhone, you can also do it with your iPad. Let’s start with some of the new improved performance for the apps. How to Get the Most Out of iOS 8 Beta (0)

iCloud Easiness

Everyone knows that iCloud Drives makes storage, access, and sharing easier and more flexible. The new features allow you to have improved interactions of your documents, files, videos, and photos. Simply manage it by going to Settings, then choose iCloud, and iCloud Drive. How to Get the Most Out of iOS 8 Beta (1)

Improved Performance for Embedded Safari Apps

In the previous beta versions, crashes and bug issues were pretty common, but it seems that the new iOS 8 have fixed them all. Now you can enjoy it without having to worry about crashing anymore.

Improved Continuity

If you often transfer files or data from your device to your OS X device, you should know about Continuity. It is Apple’s specialty when it comes to cross-platform sharing and integration. Handoff is a part of Continuity, which will be handy for transferring and sharing. Well, now iOS 8 introduces a new feature where Enable Handoff is possible. Simply let it on, and you can enjoy great flexibility. How to Get the Most Out of iOS 8 Beta (2)

Disabling QuickType

You may not be able to turn QuickType off in the previous iOS, but thanks to iOS 8, now you can do so. Just go to Settings, choose General, choose Keyboard, and make sure that QuickType is on off position.

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Find My Friends and My iPhone Updates

If you have been using Find My iPhone and Find My Friends, you should be happy to know that they have been upgraded. You can make use of Family Sharing in Find My iPhone, or use iCloud to store your friends list for Find My Friends. How to Get the Most Out of iOS 8 Beta (3)

Recently Deleted Feature

Have you ever deleted a photo and regretted it, but it was too late because it was gone? Well, the Recently Deleted feature tries to prevent such thing. You are given the chance to recover the photo that you have deleted. And the cool thing is, you are given a some kind of timer, so you know the remaining of your time before the photos will be gone for good. Generally, you will be given 30 days from the time of deletion. If you don’t recover it within the time frame, it will be gone forever.

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Video and Audio Message Auto Storage

If you notice, Messages apps in Apple devices usually have automatic deletion for video and audio messages. The device will only store them for a while before it automatically makes them disappear. With iOS 8, you don’t have to worry that you may lose the audio or video messages that you hold. Simply manage them so your device won’t get rid of them automatically. Go to Settings, choose Message, and let the Automatically Keep an option on. Your files are now safe.

New Look for Notification Center

You should see a slight difference for the notification center. The changes are quite subtle; not extreme, but it is nice to have a new look for a change. The enclosed oval Clear button and the X button replacing the Dismiss option are some of the changes that you can expect. The function remains the same, but it’s nice to have a new look, anyway. You can also expect other changes that cover:

  • A fix for Home button bug
  • Renamed Shared Album from the previous Shared Photo Streams
  • Minor UI fix for Weather app
  • New choices of wallpaper (download)

To try them yourself and see whether you like the changes, feel free to try the new Beta 3 version. Share with us about what do you think of this version in the comments below.

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