The Great Things About The New iPhone 6 Camera

The camera in the newly released iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus has been upgraded to a level that will even make professional photographers proud to use the device. Apple has learned that one of its most popular features on its iPhone product is its camera element. With Facebook, Twitter and other photo dependent applications for smart devices, the camera element has become a critical feature for iPhone users and in some instances the camera is the most important feature and often even what seals the buying decision for users.

iPhone 6 Camera

Officially called the “iSight“, this feature on the camera’s two iPhone models are still 8MP which provide the same sharp resolution as the iPhone 4, 4S, 5 and 5S models but new smart improvements enhance the phone’s functionality.

First, just like a real single lens reflex camera, the lens, also called the module for the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, moves forward back and forth. This will provide sharper and more focused images as the pixels in the camera’s sensor calculate when subject is automatically in focus. This means that actions that a professional photographer takes into consideration such as light collection, focus and capturing the right moment in action shots is calculated automatically by the “iSight.”

Image taking is also sharper and smoother. In conjunction with Apple’s new operating system, taking a photograph on the fly is no longer a blurry hassle. With the automatic shutter features and aperture control elements, a user has a better chance of capturing a clear, sharper and more colorful image than before, even if the subject is on the go. The user does not have to worry about how or why the different features work in the iSight, they’re all automatically setup by default, but they will definitely appreciate the upgrades and notice a different in their photography.

tone mapping

The next great feature for the iPhone camera is the tone mapping capability which allows the image processing of shots to capture more color and detail. The more detail in an image allows for sharper photos as the images are edited and enhanced. This features also captures more light in darken and shadowed areas in the framed shot. The added light capture in shaded areas provides more definition to the image and prevents flat looking shots. This also provides a “cleaner” image by balancing the color and the lighting. Images no longer look muddled or cloudy. For desk top publishing this is a plus as there is more content for an editor to work with without having to publish a blurry shot.

The video features also received improvements in the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. In addition to now being able to record in 1080p, video users are now able to record in full High Definition mode. But be careful when recording, these new HD video files take up a lot of space eating up your phone’s hard drive in no time at all. The video feature also has an improved slow motion capability thanks to the new lens sensor that allows the iPhone user to be more creative in their slow-motion film creations.

The full movement lens also brings improved video stabilization capability, those who like to walk and film at the same time will see better video results from their iPhone. Perfect for amateur vloggers and YouTube enthusiast.

The enhancements in the iPhone cameras now make Apple’s current offering a major challenge to traditional point and shoot portable cameras. The ergonomic design of the phone itself allows the user to hold the iPhone more easily as they frame a shot, video or even a “selfie”. The iPhone is more portable which means there is very little need for an extra camera unless one is professionally trained as a photographer or requires specific features that the iPhone doesn’t provide such as a macro lens. However, even a professional photographer would appreciate the enhancements Apple has made to their device. Only a few years ago a camera lens on a phone was considered a novelty with minimal intended use.

Along with all these hardware changes there are a host of new apps and improvements over old ones that take advantage of all these new upgrades. Better light and color correction, improved burst shot mode and many other features that previously weren’t available. We invite you to check out the app store and try out some of the new camera apps and tell us which is your favorite one.

Stephanie is an avid freelance writer for EZ Buys Direct, an online retailer of Premium iPhone 5S Cases. She writes about all things Apple and emerging mobile technology. Her hobbies include movies, traveling and spending time with her two cats. 

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