HIMSS Implements Latest Technology in EMR/EHR

The IT technologies are a driving force behind many changes in the everyday lives of billions of people all over the world. Because of the tendency of IT advances, mainly the spread of the broadband internet to every corner of the planet, many fields of life have been changed for the better. Fortunately, the same process includes the medical field, which is one of the most important ones, mainly because of its ability to extend the human life, but also improve its quality.

One of the main facilitators of this process is the HIMSS (Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society), which works as a not-for-profit and a cause-based organization that desires to increase the spread of IT solutions in the medical organization and general healthcare systems. After more than 50 years since its creation, the HIMSS helped in many crucial fields of IT and medical services. Now, the same organization is determined to offer assistance in the case of EMR (Electronic Medical Records) and EHR (Electronic Health Records). Here are the key advantages of implementing the latest IT technologies in the both EMR and EHR procedures.

Reduction of cost

EMR, as a record of information related to an individual health, is continuously managed and expanded, while it can be accessed by professionals from a single medical organization that is used to provide the individual with medical services and care. EHR, on the other hand, aggregates the record by gathering data from multiple organizations included in a person’s healthcare procedures. Both provide a substantially improved performance in the financial sense, along with a bigger quality of provided care, which is the primary goal of HIMSS. By optimizing financial performance with the latest technologies, the same EMR/EHR can significantly reduce the cost for any medical organization that uses them.

HIMSS Implements Latest Technology in EMR:EHR

Gives satisfaction services

Essentially, EMR/EHR provides a much bigger satisfaction when it comes to the services that are provided because it treats the patient as a complex phenomenon with many factors that need to be taken into consideration. This not only provides the patients with a better outlook on their healthcare procedures, knowing that all relevant data is being forwarded to their medical professionals but also adds more efficiency on a purely operational level. The same increases the safety of the patient and lowers the chance of errors occurring.

Advanced EMR/EHR data

The presence of EMR and EHR procedures continues to evolve thanks to the HIMSS influence. Because of that, the same patient databases do not just contain information about the same person, but also trends and many other relevant metrics that can do much good further down the line, especially when it comes to factors of risk, slowly forming medical issues or degenerative illnesses. Here, HIMSS continue to break new ground by constantly introducing new technologies in the mix. This advanced data provided by the EMR/EHR systems can definitely utilize data on a whole new level, adding even more tools to the physicians and other professionals taking care of the patient in question.

Hi-Tech health care

Finally, the use of EMR/EHR systems is not only important because of the rich data it provides, but also because it ushers in a trend of hi-tech health care procedures. These include things like remote access by medical experts, patient portals for staying up-to-date with the latest preventive information or health advices, and many more useful elements that would be simply impossible to attain without the IT technologies. In this sense, HIMSS is really doing an important job by promoting EMR/ EHR and enriching it with the latest technologies. The same will build the basis of a fully digitalized healthcare that should come about in the foreseeable future.

Because of these facts, it is clear that the HIMSS effort to add new technologies in the EMR/EHR definitely represent an important process that will produce many advantages for the patients, but also to all medical organizations that utilize them.

Author Bio

Deney Dentel is the CEO at Nordisk Systems, Inc., Our goal is to offer solutions to the health-care industry(HIMSS) by utilizing the Information Technology is to improve their business continuity. Our certified health-care storage solutions support current and future needs.

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