How to Bulk Unfollow Twitter without Sign Up

Twitter is an excellent tool to reach out people who have similar interests with us. An ultimate reason to unfollow people on Twitter is mainly because they don’t follow you back. I started unfollowing people who is inactive and who doesn’t give any advantage to my Twitter timeline. Along with this, I also unfollowed few followers who have been inactive for months or so. With such a big network, there are millions of fake or dead accounts which can be of no profit to you personally at the end of the day. Moreover, many spammers simply make a mass follow tactic to add random users that they located in a database list. That’s why, it is advisable to remove such users from your following list.

Tweepi, Unfollowers, and Untweeps are some of the most popular online tools for bulk follow and unfollow twitter users, but surprisingly, each tool has its own limit to do those things on a daily basis and whether you like it or not, you have to upgrade your membership on a monthly basis. Yikes! unfollowers limit per day

Unless if you are willing to spend some money for a monthly subscription to break the limit which I doubt you won’t think twice. If you are unfamiliar with unfollow process I would suggest you to stay away from such tools as they are intended for a company and advertising purpose only.

The good news is, there’s another way around. You can do the method below for both follow and unfollow users. And I’m gonna show you how to bulk unfollow users:

1. Login to your Twitter account first. Then, go to this link Here is the sample stat look like.

How to Bulk Unfollow Twitter Users

2. Scroll down the page (the more you scroll it down, the more users you unfollow).

3. If you’re using Chrome browser, on the toolbar, select View => Developer => Developer Tools.

How to Bulk Unfollow Twitter Users2

4. Copy and paste the code below into the field, and then hit Enter.


How to Bulk Unfollow Twitter Users1

5. Leave it for one to three seconds, and you will see something like this.

How to Bulk Unfollow Twitter Users3

That means, I just bulk unfollowed around 465 users in three seconds only!

6. Close the Developer tools. And refresh your page.

And here is the new stat (it takes second for Twitter to calculate the stat)

How to Bulk Unfollow Twitter Users4

I did another bulk unfollow (around 562 users)

How to Bulk Unfollow Twitter Users5

And here is the new Following stat.

How to Bulk Unfollow Twitter Users6

In the end, I unfollowed 1,027 users in a day.

There is no defined limit of how many users you can unfollow per day. But to stay under the radar, I’d recommend you to unfollow 100-500 users per day for new accounts. And as for old accounts or 100k+ followers, you can do as many as you like.

This is by far the fastest bulk unfollowing and also following on Twitter I’ve known so far, and yet it’s FREE. No need add-ons, sign ups, bots, paid membership or whatsoever. If you happen to find another easy and fastest way to bulk follow and unfollow, share it in the comments below.

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