How to Delete Other & Clean Up Your Mac with DaisyDisk

Has this ever happened to you: you are in dire needs to saving important files in your computers and they are huge, and suddenly….you get the notification that you don’t have enough space in your hard drive! The saving process fails and you need to sort out your data and clean out the hard drive before you can finally save your important data. That’s super annoying, right? Not only it is disturbing your working efficiency, it also drains out your energy, patience, and time.

Just take a look at my Mac drive before it gets cleaned up. There’s a 47.19 GB on the Other storage and frankly speaking, I have no idea what’s in store there.

How to Delete Other & Clean Up Your Mac with DaisyDisk3

Well, such thing doesn’t have to happen if you have DaisyDisk app. You know that there are several handy apps that are designed and built to boost its performance and help you out (as a user) to improve efficiency and usage. Well, DaisyDisk is truly one handy app. It helps you check the contents of your hard drive, organize it into the better composition, and later on, remove the unimportant data.

It is almost the same as Disk Defragmenter feature on Windows, but with improved features, better graphics, and detailed specifications. When you have DaisyDisk, there is no need to worry that you will run out of space in the hard drive anymore.

A Glance about DaisyDisk

Just like other devices, your computer needs regular cleaning and checking. Daily activities on the computer can create data junk and waste pile-up, which isn’t only taking up space, but also making your computer running slowly and sluggishly. If you don’t do regular checking, don’t be surprised if the performance diminishes over time.

If you have a small amount of data, cleaning and checking will be easy; as you only need a while to perform the overall examination. However, things will be different when you have abundant of data. Combine the amount of data and manual checking method will lead to very long time in the checking and removal, which can cost you another extra energy, time, and efforts. But such thing won’t happen to you when you have DaisyDisk app.

Not only DaisyDisk helps you manage and organize your hard drive, it also provides you information of how much space you have used and how much is still left. You can also view the information in details, which is very helpful when you want to remove smaller files or data kept in bigger folders. Not many apps provide this kind of feature, so it is safe to say that DaisyDisk is truly helpful in saving precious time.

The Perks

There are some perks that you can enjoy from this app. The features are quite simple and basic, but they are truly beneficial and helpful in helping you manage your data collection and hard drive usage.

First of all, the app has interesting graphics and interface; not to mention that it is also user-friendly. Even without technical knowledge or background, you will be able to operate this app easily. The graphics are designed in such as way so users like you can view the data usage conveniently. After analyzing the drive in your computer, it will show you the data usage in categories. There will be a circular map (similar to pie chart) with different colors to show you different categories of data as shown below.

daisy disk review

Second, the app can also be used to scan external drivers, such as Thunderbolt drives, FireWire, or USBs. Once you have installed the app into your computer, it will show a window displaying information of your hard drive or other external storage devices. As it was mentioned before, it will show the data in the circular map with different colors. If you want to view each category, you simply click on the specific area, and you will be presented with detailed info. For instance, if you want to know what’s inside the Media Area, you only need to click on the area, and you will see the detailed categories as well as the size. You will see categories like music videos, TV episodes, movies, and such thing alike within that particular area. The data presented to you helps you know which files take the biggest space, which files take the least, and how much space if left. In this way, you can manage your Mac storage better and more efficiently.

Third, this app is quite small and compact aside from the fact that all the features have cool animation and graphics. For such powerful app, this one won’t take a large space in your system. Moreover, scanning your hard drive will only take in less than a minute. For illustration, a hard drive consisting of 100GB will only take around 30 seconds to scan, which is quite impressive. All you have to do is to press the button ‘Scan’ and let this app do the rest.

The Price

Let me remind you that this app isn’t free. Yes, the free trial version is available, but it is available for limited time and features. If you want to make sure that you can do regular file management, you will have to spend around £9.44 or $9.99 for this app, but, believe me, your spending will be worth in the end.

How to Clean Up your Mac with Daisy Disk

1. Launch the DaisyDisk app on your Mac. Click the View drop-down menu and select Quick Rescan as Administrator. With this privilege, you will be able to see the Hidden space on your Mac (in case you’re wondering to know).

clean up mac drive

2. Select Users to browse your files.

daisydisk review

3. In the screenshot below, I found out that the iTunes’ backup somehow spent the most space. It’s stored under the Other storage on Mac. All you have to do next is drag and drop the files to collect them.

How to Delete Other & Clean Up Your Mac with DaisyDisk1

4. Hit the Delete button and within a few seconds the files will be deleted for good. How to Delete Other & Clean Up Your Mac with DaisyDisk2

How to Delete Other & Clean Up Your Mac with DaisyDisk

4. Repeat the steps to remove other junk files. But make sure you DO NOT touch the System folder and other unfamiliar files to you! Otherwise, your Mac may be corrupted and failed to perform functionally.

Here is the result after cleaning up my Mac with Daisy Disk app. Just compare it with the pic before it gets cleaned up.

How to Delete Other & Clean Up Your Mac with DaisyDisk4


As you can see, I managed to free up some space from 3.77 Gb to 45.86 Gb within a few minutes!

Overall Verdict

If you want a handy app that literally could save your life and time, DaisyDisk is the perfect choice, especially when you have a smaller SSD like mine. The app certainly offers you loads of perks and almost zero flaws.

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