How to Develop an Agile Android App with Painless Process

Developing an application is not as easy as it sounds; there are many things that need to be considered. If you have an unfeasible android app idea with a solid roadmap that nobody else has thought earlier, execute it brilliantly to end up developing a masterpiece for Google Play.

In case, if you are not aware with the designing and developing part of the app, don’t worry as you can read the guidance on the android app development process that will help to bring app idea from your mind into reality:

Comprehending an Idea & Concept

Whether you are an experienced or a novice android professional in the android world, it is essential to comprehend an idea and the concept of your client’s application. It is the first step of the android app development process.

Before going straight into detailing, though, it is a must to clearly understand the main purpose and aim of your client to develop this application. Once he shares his ideas and objectives of an app, you will know different functionalities that you need while developing this app.

Moreover, it is also a good idea that you ask some of the major questions related to an app like what it is going to do? What’s the core appeal? What type of problem is it going to solve? How is it going to help people to make their life better?

By asking these questions, you can comprehend the whole concept of application and it will be easy for you to proceed ahead.


Preparing Docs Considering Unique Features

Once you comprehend the app idea and concept, you should begin with preparing documents considering unique and creative features that your client wanted to add in it. Preparing docs is the important step of the process as it can help a lot while designing and developing the app.

In this step, you can list out the main features and the approximate layout and structure of your application. Moreover, docs can also help your entire team to comprehend the mission. These docs can be used as references for the next step of the process.

Begin With the Designing Part of an App

If you have prepared the documents, now, you can begin with the designing part of the application. This is one such step, where the android interface design team works towards defining the app and rechecking, making sure that all the bases are covered.

The android app development team will consider all the parameters and aspects that are necessary for developing the application successfully like design concepts, budget, timeline, functionality etc.

Further, you may be provided with static mock-ups of different screens of the app that will deliver you with a clear and transparent idea on how your application will look like.

Build and Evaluate

Now that you have finished with the designing part of your application, it’s time to get started with the development part. This is one such step that begins with the designing of UI, coding within a stipulated time-frame.

You should engage important resources and tools for enhancing the development efficiency if there is a server component included. There are different techniques obtainable to deploy at the code level to usability and marketing for maintaining the quality. Make sure that the prototypes of the app are regularly sent to clients for their approval.

When it comes to talking about some of the other features, which are taken care of in this Android app development process comprise navigation, use of intents, SQLite Database, list view, passing information between activities and more.

Apart from this, another essential thing you should do is signing up for developer’s accounts at the app marketplaces you are building for. It may take some days for approving your account at the app marketplaces, so ensure that you sign-up earlier.How to Develop an Agile Android App with Painless Process

Quality Analysis & Testing

Now, it is the most important step for QA team to perform regular checks on the app’s functionality throughout the android app development process. The entire procedure of app testing makes sure that various chances of errors in the app being developed.

For reviewing your app, you can also ask your friends, family, colleagues and experts to help you out. You can grant them access to the wireframe and allow them to test run your application. Ask them about their honest feedback to identify any flaw or issue.

If it is possible, you should invite them to your studio and ask them to try out your prototype in front of you. You can see that how they are using your application, taking note of their actions and make a note if you find anything weird.


The next and final step in the android app development process is the submission or releasing your application to the Android market. As we all know that app marketplaces have numerous terms when it comes to launching a new app.

For instance, android is not reviewing all those apps that are newly submitted, and they are passing by at some point, but you are capable of instantly add your application to the Google Play Store.

Once you have gotten your application listed on the app store (Google Play), it’s time to promote your app and get it seen by more and more people.

So, these are the major steps of app development process for android platform. You can follow this guide and develop your desired app for your business.

Author bio: Shahid Abbasi is a marketing consultant with Peerbits, a one-stop Android app development company and the home of app enthusiasts. Shahid likes to be busy with his team, to provide top-notch mobility solutions to enterprises and startups. Follow Peerbits on Facebook.

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