How to Enhance Your Mobile Marketing Platform

Each year, the marketing world grows. Innovative strategies are constantly emerging, and big-name business players are rolling out award-winning initiatives, interactive environments, and consumer-centric campaigns.

Mobile marketers are examining last year’s strategies, crafting new, intuitive options for their favorite consumers. Check out the seven best mobile marketing approaches currently available, and take advantage of this year’s biggest, boldest industry tips.

Tip One: Create Instagram Ads

Instagram’s advertising platform rolled out recently. It’s already gathering a big percentage of mobile-enabled brands, too. Already, you can use Facebook’s intelligent targeting platform to craft winning Instagram-enabled advertisement campaigns. Because Instagram’s platform meshes with Facebook—and other social media platforms—it’s becoming a mobile advertisement “hub,” report industry professionals.

Create Instagram Ads

As an advertiser, you have a great opportunity to target an audience that is ready to engage with your brand.

Tip Two: Make SMS Your Main Platform

70 percent of mobile users consider SMS marketing to be a superior attention-grabber. SMS marketing events increase brand visibility. They’re also a superior vehicle for emergent strategies. QR codes, personal discounts, one-time-only deals and even business information can be channeled through an automated SMS platform.

The first thing you need to do is find an SMS platform that will let you automate the process of acquiring new subscribers, segment them by interest and behavior, and automatically send timely relevant messages.Make SMS Your Main Platform

Check out this article to increase your SMS platform’s personal touch while holding big numbers.

Tip Three: Use Contextual Marketing

Contextual marketing is a data-driven approach to widespread promotion. By capturing user behavior, you can profile your buyers, personalize content, boost relationships and increase your e-commerce platform’s sales. Consumers already spend 15 hours per week on mobile research. They additionally spend 7.3 weekly on mobile web time. The “always connected” consumer is always shooting out data. It’s your job to utilize this data and craft a potent strategy.

Use Contextual Marketing

Tip Four: Integrate with Email Marketing

While SMS and social media are excellent mobile marketing accessories, email shouldn’t be forgotten. In fact, a lot of mobile marketers consider email marketing to be the most popular engagement tool for new customers. In the United States, a majority of emails are accessed on smartphones. Mobile email can deliver massive information in short bursts. Capable of housing a CTA, and even media, mobile email is a superior marketing vehicle.

Integrate with Email Marketing

Tip Five: Use Vertical Video Ads

While vertical ads aren’t emergent, they’re starting to pick up steam. AT&T, Audi, and NBC are using vertical ads, which have experienced an 80 percent overall increase in completion. Even Macy’s and Burger King are enticing buyers with vertical video ads, and app providers like Snapchat are making long-form videos reinforce customer engagement. Vertical video ads will likely become a dominant ad form in 2016, so get your platform ready.

Use Vertical Video Ads

Tip Six: Guarantee Ease of Access

Many industry leaders believe that ease is a new loyalty. Mobile usage has made life easier, and companies offering services with the single tap of a button are winning. Your mobile marketing platform should be like a restaurant. It should offer much more than goods. It should allow customization, and it should be tailored to the consumer. An easily accessible mobile platform helps consumers make decisions. It lets them access your brand indefinitely, too. Every mobile platform is different, but succeeding mobile platforms promise intuitive UI usage, quick-access buttons, and immersive experiences.

Guarantee Ease of Access

Tip Seven: Enhance Your Brand with Beacon Technology

Location service data is driving successful mobile strategies. Google has recently stated that 85 percent of the world’s top 100 retailers are likely to adopt beacon technology before 2016 is over. Additionally, they’re expected to create real-time engagement strategies based on the consumer’s ability to inhabit both digital and real-life environments simultaneously. Augmented store services will become popular far before augmented reality takes off.

Enhance Your Brand with Beacon Technology

Successful brands are hyper-relevant, and they micro-target users. To have a significant impact on your buyer, you need to prioritize location-based marketing. As your consumer evolves with technology, your brand will be the first to know. While mobile marketing takes time and effort, it can still succeed in an ever-shifting, ever-growing business environment.

What’s Next?

What do you think of what I’ve covered so far? Will you start your mobile marketing campaign? I would love to read your comments below.

Author Biography: Sophorn is the marketing guy at Trumpia, a complete SMS software with mass text messaging, smart targeting and automation.

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