How to Perform HTML5 Hybrid App Development Properly

Earlier, the businesses rallied native and web applications. Indeed, these varieties of applications were thought of because the most crucial channel for the companies to reach out to with their audience. With the advent of PhoneGap, Appcelerator, Sencha Touch and other frameworks that gave birth to the concept of hybrid mobile apps.

The hybrid application combines the capabilities of the web and native application. The hybrid application offers native-like experience on multiple platforms. It is usually designed on HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript and is wrapped inside a native application so that it works across mobile platforms like Android, iOS, and others. PhoneGap and other frameworks provide the features to these apps so that they can access hardware functions like Camera, Gyroscope, proximity sensors, and GPS, etc.

Benefits of Hybrid Application

In a nutshell, this is often a sort of web app that’s essentially wrapped inside a native shell. There are investments in the pipeline for the hybrid application development. Let’s have a look at the benefits of a Hybrid app.

How to Perform HTML5 Hybrid App Development Properly

Enabled to Access Mobile knowledge

Like a native app, Hybrid apps keep company with options to access device knowledge seamlessly. The hybrid app not solely accesses info from GPS and camera however additionally contacts book and push notification.

Works in Offline Mode 

Bestowed with native options, Hybrid app is ready to run offline. The users will use the antecedently loaded knowledge and move with the app without any issue.

Scalability of the app

It is simple to form the hybrid apps compatible to associate array of various mobile platforms likewise as in operation systems. there’s no have to be compelled to write the code from scratch for diverse platforms. the most reason behind this is often, it supports superb design that minimizes the usage of same code once more.

Content Implementation is straightforward

As Hybrid application follows the standard of the net app, it’s simple for the developers to implement application content within the mobile apps. Moreover, it saves price and time and enhances productivity.

Hybrid Apps Development Challenges

Although the hybrid app offers the attitude to the users to access the native feature, it doesn’t mean that it will take the place of native app utterly. In fact, there’s no substitute of the native application as a result of its key aspects like performance, graphics result, and user-experience can’t be achieved within the hybrid application.

There are still varied challenges that you have to face while developing hybrid application such as:

  • The hybrid app has to rely upon all data on the server, therefore, it is slower than a native app.
  • In some circumstances, the various parts of hybrid application experience technical snags while loading on the mobile devices as each element is not compatible with every platform.
  • Hybrid Interactive game apps like 2D or 3D cannot work in a similar manner as native apps.

Tips to form Hybrid Application Effectively

Being equipped with some challenges, there are the assorted sensible ways that for developing hybrid mobile applications effectively. Here, the journal presents the key do’s and don’ts tips that each hybrid developer ought to adopt. Let’s have a glimpse below to search out a lot of concerning tips; 1st begin with a don’ts tips.


Avoid mistreatment of huge Sized Libraries, Frameworks, and Plug-ins

Try to not use the significant libraries like jQuery. If it appears imperative for you to implement jQuery, then it’ll higher to settle on the lighter version that’s Zepto.js. jQuery libraries damage the performance of mobile apps. Indeed, it slows down the usage of loading speed.

App’s Read Must Not Get Loaded Directly

It is good, if you create text within the app’s read get loaded prior the graphic as this can ease the means for the users to move with the app. And at constant time, it boosts the performance.

Better to not Use Animation or insignificant Graphics

If it’s doable, then don’t use made media content or significant graphics as a result of it slows down the app.

Do not Expect the App to Run Fine on All Platforms

It is not necessary that a hybrid application, that runs seamlessly on iOS can sure give constant expertise on mechanical man or contrariwise. it’s needed for the developer to form some adjustment in cryptography and format, so it will run on each software package absolutely.

How to Perform HTML5 Hybrid App Development Properly


Deploy JavaScript Frameworks AngularJS

AngularJS could be a features-rich MVC framework that does not leverage the libraries like jQuery. it’s beautifully designed framework that’s appropriate for hybrid apps development. It essentially renders Backbone.js, that options a spectrum of light-weight libraries; for instance, Thorax & figure.

Use Ionic for programming purpose

In order to deliver the native-like expertise in the app, you can use Ionic. It is coupled well with AngularJS and ensures an improved expertise to the developers.

Keep cryptography File Of HMTL/CSS/JS Compact

Maintain the cryptography file of markup language, CSS & JavaScript compact as a result of this eases loading and boosts the performance. There are varied tools which will lessen the scale of various cryptography files. for instance, will compact JavaScript files and is accustomed lessen CSS files. an additional issue that you just ought to do is testing the application’s options totally.

Reduce Graphics Size

Optimize the graphics effects by reducing the size of PNGs with the assistance of this can don’t have an effect on the standard and enhance the performance.

Test the applying Performance

Before delivering the hybrid application, check each side of application’s performance, load time and inconsistent read. there’s a tool referred to as Browser-perf which will assist you check up on the performance of the hybrid app on the browser. Moreover, Relic, a 3rd party service, will assist you monitor problems associated with reaction time, carrier performance, and plenty of a lot of.

Utilize Device native Storage

With the assistance of native storage, the hybrid application will simply deliver views excellently. Moreover, it reduces Serer calls. because the speed could be a huge issue in hybrid apps, the native storage ought to be accustomed optimize performance which improve the speed.

Use Chrome Canary for Emulating Application on different Devices

Take the assistance of Chrome Canary tool to emulate the app for various devices. this can assist you check the app’s read and performance on varied devices with totally different network setting.


Hybrid application development is undoubtedly the most viable resolution for different businesses. But, so as to bring out native expertise from the hybrid app, there’s a great distance to travel. several frameworks are in rising part and within the future, it’s believed that those days don’t seem to be so much that you just have the attitude to a hybrid app that provides complete native like expertise. Hope that the following pointers can assist you planned out problems and alter you to make higher hybrid applications.

Author Bio: The blog has been penned by Nola Arney an online web developer working with HTMLPanda. She is deeply interested in writing the articles and blogs to share great ideas associated with the event and planning of the online app, mobile application, and responsive website. Her posts are very inspiring and informative.

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