How to Prevent Costly Data Breaches

Even though the Internet has brought a huge number of benefits to the modern age, it doesn’t come without its downsides. To engage in the world of Web, means to take a leap of faith that your information isn’t shared with someone up high. However, even if this might be the case, the chances that they might use your data against you aren’t all that huge – unless you are a business owner, that is.

In the world of cloud-based sharing, as the stakes grow higher, the risks follow suit. Luckily, as one would expect, there are numerous countermeasures out there, made with solving this problem in mind.

Device encryption

By using unencrypted devices, you risk easy breaches. These include all the portables, such as laptops, smartphones and tablets. Such devices are the favorite target of hackers and intruders for a reason. As a company that means business, you should opt for banning all portables from security access, in spite of their potential practicality and usefulness.

Encrypt files

On the note of encryption, unencrypted files are also prone to breaches. Luckily, with a tiny bit of your budget, you can opt for easy encryption, done by professionals. In this way, you are making sure that the most important of your documents, usually containing valuable information, are kept safe, and almost completely impervious to breaches. Bear in mind though, that nothing in the world of Internet is completely safe, so you should take more means necessary to protect what matters to you, that are outlined further.

Be Careful on the Cloud

Cloud-based services such as GoogleDocs, Dropbox and Gmail are extremely convenient and user-friendly, what with all the popularity they’ve gained over the course of recent years. However, these platforms are mostly built with personal users in mind, leaving the professional world desiring better ways of protecting themselves. Luckily, there are many Cloud services, offering protection. Even though these will usually turn out somewhat pricier than your typical, commercial platforms, they are more than worthy of your money.

Have a good password

Using your pet’s name as a password is never a smart choice, even if you don’t have an entire business behind you. Every business owner is advised to come up with a proper pass code. Luckily, this is more than easy to do: choose a random word that can’t be connected to you personally in any way, and then pick a random set of numbers.

Additionally, if you want a proper password, you’re looking at a sequence of letters and numbers amounting to 10, at the very least. This is a smooth and a relatively easy way to make sure you remain protected and safe. If this isn’t enough, schedule password changes on a weekly (or even daily, if you are really paranoid) basis.

Control all the company devices

To make sure the job of protection is truly well done, you will be glad to hear (if, by any chance, you’ve been living under a rock for the past couple of years) that the technology of controlling a device from across the world is already here – in fact, it has been right in front of you, for a while now. Establishing remote support allows you to manually access any device with regards to your professional life, from any other device, from wherever you find yourself at the given moment. In this way, many entrepreneurs have stopped a huge number of breaches.

Security training

Many breaches come as a direct consequence of human mistake. Even though you think highly of your employees, chances are that they aren’t all tech-savvy, even if your line of work deals in programming. This is why paying for security training is advised by a plethora of experts. Think about setting aside a bit of finance, before you’re left with your pockets turned inside-out.

Even if you follow these smart tips, you aren’t completely in the clear. There are many threats out there, but if you do a bit of research and introduce yourself with the world of hacking, you’re most probably looking at your company’s safe prosperity.

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