How to Recover Deleted Backups from Time Machine

Most Mac users are accustomed to relying on the robustness of Apple products and services. While it is a fact that Apple makes sure their products conform to the strictest quality and security standards, sometimes, unanticipated faults tend to rise in their products too. After all, nothing in the world of technology can be claimed to be fool-proof. Take the case of Time Machine for example. Most Mac users take backups of their precious data using this free utility from Apple. But a majority of them never expect it to fail. The harsh reality, however, is that data can be lost from a Time Machine backup too.

This article will be focusing on the reasons behind data loss from Time Machine backups and a great way to recover such lost or deleted backups.

How can a Time Machine backup be deleted?

Time Machine is used to back up Mac hard drive data to a destination drive. The destination drive could be another Mac volume or an external hard drive. Hence, the same data loss threats that pose a danger to usual hard drives tend to do so for Time Machine backup drives.How to Download & Install OS X Yosemite Beta on your Mac (0)

  • Accidental data deletion
  • Accidental formatting of a Time Machine hard drive
  • Physical damage to the hard drive due to improper handling
  • Mechanical failure of the drive

Damage caused by the aforementioned reasons can often lead to inaccessibility or loss of important data. However, if you face such a critical situation, you don’t need to despair since the section describes a great data recovery Mac tool which can help you reclaim your lost files in no time.

Recovering deleted or lost Time Machine backups

The software we recommend for recovering data from a deleted Time Machine backup is Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery. It treats a Time Machine backup drive as just another hard drive. All you have to do is connect the backup drive to your Mac and launch the software. Easy to follow steps then guide you through the simple process of data recovery.

The software can recover music, documents, photos, videos miss due to deletion of either HFS, HFS+, FAT and exFAT form based file arrangement. It works flawlessly on MacBook Pro, Air, iMac, Mac Mini and Mac Pro and even supports stable data restoration from encrypted data operations. Here are some of its most attractive features at a glance:

  • The software is capable of recovering permanently deleted Mac files even after a ‘Command+Shift+Option+Delete’ operation. Additionally, all files are returned with their first names.
  • Powerful RAW recovery algorithms enable it to identify over 122 various file types and retrieve deleted data by pairing signatures. This feature proves extremely useful in case of severely corrupted volumes.
  • ‘Create Image’ feature lets you create an exact image of your Mac which can be applied to revert to a working state in situations of crisis.
  • It can bypass encrypted file systems and recover your precious data through various recovery modes like ‘Quick Recovery’, ‘Advance Recovery’, ‘Deleted Recovery’ and more.
  • Sophisticated scanning modes enable the software to perform a “Quick” or an “Advanced” scan on a target device (Time Machine backup drive here) in order to find recoverable material from it.
In addition to these features, the software also comes with advantages like capability to recover NTFS partitions on Mac and availability on a startup disc for situations where your Mac fails to boot.

Steps to recover deleted Time Machine backup

Here are the steps to recover Time Machine backups using Stellar Phoenix Mac data restoration software:

  1. Download, install and run the software

Once the software is installed, connect your Time Machine drive with your Mac and launch the software. You will be able to see your Time Machine drive in the list of all drives on the left-hand side panel of the software window

  1. Choose Recovery option

Select an appropriate recovery option from the following:

  • Recover Data – to recover data from a formatted Time Machine drive
  • Deleted Data – for data that has been deleted
  • RAW Recovery – if the Time Machine drive has suffered corruption. This option can also be chosen if both the above-mentioned options do not produce the desired results.
  • Create Image – To create an exact system picture of your Mac. Such an image can be used for system data recovery in the future.
  1. Scan and Preview files

Click on “Start Scan” to enable the software to discover recoverable items on the Time Machine backup drive. After the scan completes, you can select any file and preview it.

  1. Recover Data

Lastly, select the files you wish to recover, specify a desired location to save the recovered files and click on “Recover” button.

To sum it up

So the next time you face a crisis like the situation with your Time Machine backup, do not panic. Just download Stellar Phoenix Mac data recovery and follow the simple steps mentioned above to recover your data smoothly.

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