How to Setup Custom & Platform Based Mobile App Development

Mobile phones have changed the dimensions of the almost all kinds of businesses. No industry can exclude mobile phones from their list of marketing platforms. For some industries, mobile apps have come up as marketplaces where they can sell their products and services. Considering the widespread popularity of the mobile apps and their impact on the users, every other business wants to make the most of these apps in order to reach out to the maximum number of users. Although it sounds simple, the actual implementation of the app requires certain crucial decisions to be made.

When you decide to develop an app for your business, you are faced with two types of apps custom mobile app and platform based mobile app. Both types of apps have their own pros and cons and are best suited for particular industries. Hence, in order to be in the right position to make the decision, you must be well-informed about these two types of apps. The vital aspects of both these apps must also be known to the developer so that he makes the right decision that does not backfire in the future. We will discuss custom apps and platform based apps in detail to help you take the right call.

Custom Mobile App Development: An Overview

A custom mobile app, as the name suggests, is a mobile app that is built around the custom requirements of the clients. A company customizes its product to establish its brand as a unique entity which is advantageous in the long run. Custom app development is based entirely on the requirements and guidelines laid out by the company. These guidelines are prepared to keep in mind the nature of the business, product/service line, and the target users.

The customized mobile apps are usually designed from the scratch and need modifications and updates from time to time. As these apps are developed using contemporary technologies, they may require to be ported to other platforms as the existing technologies become dated after some time. Obviously, the additional cost of the custom mobile app development makes the process expensive but the importance of the features that come along with it also cannot be undermined.

Custom mobile apps provide a better control over them to the users. As the features and functionalities have been developed in accordance with the business requirements, it is easier to use the app and make the most of it. This also implies that the modifications can be easily carried out in these apps; however, dedicated developers will be needed for this process.How to Setup Custom & Platform Based Mobile App Development


  • Personalized UI ensuring better UX and user engagement
  • Better features and functionality
  • Helps in brand building
  • More control over the app
  • Making changes to the app is easier 


  • Dedicated and skilled developers are needed that requires a hefty investment of resources.
  • As they are are built from scratch, they consume more time than other apps.
  • They require constant modification and updates; thus the cost of development is on the higher side.

Platform Based Mobile App Development

Platform based apps are those apps that are developed using an app development platform like PhoneGap, Sencha touch, and many others. These apps do not need to be built from scratch and there is minimal or no coding involved in these apps. They resemble the native and custom built apps in many aspects but lack a lot of features too. There are pre-defined modules using which these apps are built. The customizations can be made but not to an extent possible with custom based apps.

As the platform based apps are built using third party apps and reusable code, they require lesser time to develop. These error-free codes also ensure that the application remains stable, secure, and reliable. The development cost and time are also less as compared to custom based apps due to the aforesaid reasons. One of the toughest challenges that the developers face with these apps is designing stunning user interface as the app is built using predefined modules and templates.

Platform Based Mobile App Development1


  • Platform based apps require lesser development time as no or minimal amount of coding is required.
  • They are easy to modify as they are based on preset modules.
  • They require less resource as dedicated developers are not required.
  • Development and modification cost is minimum.


  • Platform based apps are not as feature-rich as customized apps.
  • Their limited functionality makes them suitable for a very few services.
  • Although the cost is less, the UI suffers due to its dependence on preset templates.
  • User experience may be compromised due to the UI and the lack of certain features. 

Final verdict

Making a choice between custom mobile apps and platform based apps requires you to take a lot of factors into consideration. Now that you have understood the pros and cons of both the types of apps, it will be easier for you take the decision. If you want an app with unique functionalities and highly personalized UI, the custom app is the right choice. However, if you want your app to perform simple tasks without much customization, go for a more economical choice, i.e. platform based mobile apps.


With this detailed comparison of the custom app development and platform-based app development, it will now be helpful for the developers and business owners to make the right choice. The importance of mobile app development cannot be undermined by any industry in the current scenario, but just any app will not serve the purpose. Every business has its own set of target users, brand sensibilities, and mode of operation. You need to get through with your requirement and choose between these two kinds of apps for the best results.

Author’s Bio: The blog has been authored by Nola Arney, a senior developer at HTMLPanda-Mobile App Development Company. Apart from being a seasoned developer, She is also a prolific writer who loves to write informative yet interesting write-ups on an array of topics ranging from latest developments on mobile developments to the innovations in technologies and best practices.  

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