How and Why You Should Use Private Browsing Option

Online world has its own perks, but there are also several possible and potential flaws about it. Browsing is certainly nice as you can surf around. However, if you think that no one is watching, then you are totally mistaken.

Since the internet is constantly monitored by lots of parties – the government, for a starter – and also the advertisers, the networks, your employer, and even your family members and spouses, you may want to keep a thing or two private. It doesn’t mean that you should go totally underground and leave nothing behind – that would be too much. But in case you are viewing your exes’ Facebook accounts or you are searching the potential great birthday presents for your beloved ones, going private can save up a disappointment or ruined surprises.

So, why should you be using the private browsing mode, anyway? For a starter, if you happen to have to use a public computer and you don’t want to leave any personal traces behind, the private setting can be the best option.

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you need to open your emails or check your social media accounts? Well, if you don’t want others to know which sites you have visited or what accounts you have, setting it into private browsing option seems like the best answer. After all, most people are quite a negligence and forgetful. Often times they forget to log out from an account – social media or email. Or when they do log out, they think that no one can access it anymore.

Well, if you really want to stay under the radar and make sure that all your accounts are protected and safe, go with the private setting. It saves up hassle and fuss.

Other reasons, why you should go with the private setting, are:

When you want to keep your shopping history a secret to yourself. When you are buying stuff from Amazon, for instance, the cookies can be used against you. Before you know it, ads from all over the place with similar products will come popping up when you log into the site again. It can be quite annoying, sometimes, but the private setting can take care of it.

When you are using a communal computer. Whether you are using ‘together computer’ at home or work, and you want to keep a thing or two secrets, be sure to use private setting. Once someone knows how to access the browser history and your activities are all revealed. Unless you want to find out that your spouse knows about you chatting up with your old ex, or your kids find out about the surprise gift for the Christmas, go for private setting.

When you want to pass through pay walls. Some sites do restrict how visitors can have access to their sites. Some certain news portals limit the readers access to free articles – say, you are only allowed to view 10 free articles per month. When you switch it to private setting, they won’t know that it is you visiting them and exceeding your 10 free articles quota. Neat, huh?

When you want to see what others see. When you are visiting sites or doing research, the special algorithms will take that basic information so the result will be personal and relevant to your own needs. It is handy, all right, but not always. If you want to keep it hidden, the private setting is the best.

In case you don’t know about it, some browsers do provide private browsing option. And yes, you may have to do it manually. But, don’t worry. It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3.

Here is how to set it up:

1. For Chrome, click the icon on the top right corner of your browser and choose New Incognito Window. Or you can also do this, File menu => New Incognito Window Incognito.

How and Why You Should Use Private Browsing Online (3)
How and Why You Should Use Private Browsing Online (2)

2. For Internet Explorer. Tap the gear icon on the top right corner, then Safety => InPrivate Browsing.

How and Why You Should Use Private Browsing Online (4)3. If you are using Safari, simply access the menu bar, hit Safari => Private Browsing, and you are good to go.

How and Why You Should Use Private Browsing Online (5)


4. For Firefox. On the top right corner, click the icon and choose New Private Window. You will be presented with a pop-up of a new window.

How and Why You Should Use Private Browsing Online (1)That’s it! You’re in a private mode now!

Leave your comments below if you happen to know more advantages of using private browsing option.

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