How to Improve User Experience in App Development Process

It is every developer’s dream to frown users with amazing UX. The ultimate aim of any developer and UX designer lies in augmenting UX through enthralled mobility. One of the most important aspects of improving UX lies in integrating standard coding in the process of app development. Below are some of the crucial aspects of improving UX through standard coding in the app development.

Crafting the design

To make sure that UX is improvised at every stage and with every click, it is important to create the app by keeping UX in mind. Although it is essential for developers to decide upon the framework for an application whereby coding standards are laid off for the road ahead. But first of all, design should be smart enough for interactive ease-of-use. This will enhance the overall functionality of app by solving the purpose of the user.

Framework for app development

With a number of frames available for app development it is very important to select the right one for app development. It is recommended to adopt a reverse engineering system whereby end-results are to be analyzed first and based on that the SDK is selected. The correct framework needs to be embraced for bottom to top workflow in order to make sure that desired results are achieved.

In most of the cases, the desired results needs to be oriented towards mending UX in most efficient way possible. For example, Jquery comes handy for developing cross-platform mobile apps. One of the most comprehensive framework for building iOS apps is Xcode. By adopting such framework it is possible to improvise UX.

How to Improve User Experience in App Development Process

Backend Server for Mobile Apps

One of the most important decision as to where to place logic of the app lies in the hands of developers who needs to decide on whether there is a need of Backend server for Mobile Apps. Backend server may not directly enhance the UX but it helps in simplifying UX improvement task.

Having said that, resourcing MBaaS service like Parse or Firebase will surely offer cloud based data storage solution but it does not support excessive business logic. If business requires such logic structure than in that case insistence of such services may not be sufficient and this surely creates chaos in UX.

Here the developer’s decisive call on implementing self-built web tier with an API may play a vital role in UX refinement. Once such choice is made, the blend of creative and technical decision is to be taken which lies in deployment of available platforms such as Node.js, LaaS or PaaS.

Augmenting UX through Data Security

Perhaps, the best way to grab user’s trust is by augmenting data security during the phase of mobile app development. Incorporating mobile app security protocols are as important as mobile app design. This is because most of the user information stored in mobile phones are at stake when they open an app or are in the process of transmitting data. The surety of data security aids boosting UX by gaining their trust and confidence.

Integrating User Participation

Nothing is more beautiful than user’s constructive engagement. Formulating an interaction design which provokes user participation is the key for better UX. Skillful embedment of A/B testing results to advancement of lean UX lifecycle which commands design iteration on the basis of hyper-focused usability.

Careful selection of analytic tools, heat maps, and eye tracking is essential to look things from user’s perspective. This helps bridging the gap of deliverables and receiver’s need by coherently building an attractive place for active engagement.

Implementing Code Operative Animation

Animation is always welcomed by users especially at small places for fascination. But one while coding animation for mobile apps it is recommended to keep it to minimum or it can adversely affect the loading time. Also adding irrelevant and unimportant elements in application may affect the performance badly.

Maintaining Consistency

No matter what subject matter we talk about, from life to mobile app, the key to success is consistency. This is the reason why an app must be navigated with consistency by users. There must be a consistency in design, gestures, and movements.

Breaking user’s gesture patterns can prove fatal for UX as this can irritate users with frequent change. Color coding is an essential tool for maintaining sensual consistency. Using different colors and creating higher contrast can disturb the readability and ultimately degrades UX. So even here, consistency in overall mobile app coding is essential for desired UX.


One of the most important factor which sums up an elated UX is – solving user’s purpose creatively and effectively. While at the same time developers needs to ensure that the same is done efficiently.

There are chances that although developer has managed to enhance majority of all the touch points contributing to improvised UX, failing to tackle even a single touch points contributing towards UX may lead to dissatisfied user. It is always advisable to raise the standard of coding at development stage so that the end result of optimized UX is achieved.

Author Info:

Shahid Abbasi is a marketing consultant with Peerbits, a one of the renowned iOS apps development companies and the home of app enthusiasts. Shahid likes to keep busy with his team, and to provide top-notch mobility solutions for enterprises and startups.

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