Infographic: Smart Bags for Smartphones, Tablets, Laptops

Men always carry lots of things with them and they also have enough places to carry them all the time. Two pockets in front and in back as well; in addition they too have inner pockets. One pocket in a shirt, two front in a blazer, two or more inner pockets inside the blazer. Whereas women have few small almost zero size pockets in pants, usually tops don’t have any pockets. Now if you compare the things they carry you will find a huge list for women as compared to men. That’s why women always carry a bag which has all the important stuff they need in any emergency.

Women always have an attachment with their bag or you can say that a bag is the first best friend for any women. We can conclude this with the facts and figures of handbag industry which have a yearly business of more than $300 billion. This business is increasing day by day with lots of new and innovative changes. Earlier bags were all about same sections and a belt to hang, now it’s about design, material, looks, color, and so many things depending upon who is buying and what she expect. A great example of revolution in the bag is the involvement of technology in handbag industry which makes it possible to charge a mobile with a bag. In these bags, a charger is fixed while connected with a battery (removable and chargeable) which can charge your mobile anywhere and at any time.

The importance of these smart bags can be calculated by your own experience of facing low battery backup issues on regular basis. Below infographic created by Secret Vintage Collection will help you to know all such smart bags available in the market with their prices.

Smart Bags For Your Smart Phones

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