Infographic: Ultimate Student Apps Guide

It isn’t all partying for students especially not when the nitty gritty of exam time looms and ever closer assignment deadlines hang heavily on their minds. Students have many pressures not least ensuring that they achieve a successful result at the end of all their efforts.

The key to being a successful student is proper time management however sometimes even with a lot of free time, some students still find that it can be difficult to manage to be organised. It is so important not to leave studying for the final few weeks as this will only add to the pressure that you feel and inevitably panic will begin to set in. It is better to try to become more organised with your time and focus on a study plan that makes the best of your abilities. Try to figure out if you work best in groups or whether you require time alone to get your work done; some people like a combination of the two but it’s important to know the difference.

Smartphones and tablets are ubiquitous in today’s world and so access to apps that can assist your study activities is pretty much open to all – many are free. Inevitably there will be apps that are futile and only end up taking up valuable storage space so you don’t want to waste time trawling through them all.

This infographic from Study Medicine Europe gives a nice guide on what phone and tablet apps are out there that can ease some of the pressure from students. Whether it is assistance in being more organised, to helping with revision notes or calculations, to taking the hassle out of citations, there is something there for everyone. Check it out below and become the student that you have always endeavoured to be!

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