Infographic: When Technology Meets Fashion

There was a time when we used to start searching for a solution whenever we faced any difficulty, now is the time when we search for applications / products / services for the same. This is the driving force for the innovators and industry leaders to invent things for every human problem. If we are just looking towards the positive side of this revolution we will find it’s actually helping people in almost every area. For instance in the last decade we have seen a massive improvement in the wearable and pocket gadgets. Wearables like helmet, belt, jewelry etc have evolved with the help of technology which have changed their earlier meaning. This involvement of technology has made them more important in our life, for instance, a smart belt today is capable of adjusting the tightness according to the changing situations. A helmet with the rear view, GPS, and head up display will make your driving experience much better.

Mobile has become an important part of our lives, the most common use (other than calling/texting) of the mobile now a day is for clicking selfies. But we still face the issues while clicking the selfies. To help us with this Nixie has developed a selfie drone which can take pictures and shoot videos anytime anywhere.

Smart t-shirt can easily let you know about your health, it’s able to record your past and present stress level, heartbeat, and respiration. A sister app will help you in maintaining all these records.

A common problem which working women generally faces is that they usually miss their important calls and notifications just because their mobiles are in their handbags. Now this issue is well handled by innovators like Rebecca Minkoff and Cuff, they developed jewelry which can notify you about your calls in the real time. These jewelries can also charge your mobile with a hidden charger in it.

Apart from the above FashTech products below info-graphic will amaze you with more such products.

FashTech-Technology Meets Fashion

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