iWatch Concept from Apple: Best Design for Now

When Apple rumored their iWatch concept design, of course that all the electronic geeks wondered on what it is look like, the features, usages and other strengths which are attractive and interesting also useful for us as the users. Now, Apple has introduced the design and some features of this iWatch which is quite unique and useful for daily lives.

Well, Apple has used the designing skill of the 3D artist, Todd Hamilton, to create and design the perfect look for their iWatch. Todd Hamilton has created the iWatch which does not look like a watch because this great wristwatch with UI design is so modern and compact, moreover with the simple black and white interface which is so compact and modern, this is quite interesting for an iWatch which stands out with the sleek design and in fact, its curved touchscreen display on the front is just superb. The simple interface which is will show the time, the date and also the activating button for Siri access.apple-iwatch-concept

iWatch concept

Todd Hamilton explained that this iWatch which is a wrist computer with lock screen which works with Siri access. You may slide to unlock and the land to the home screen, in the home screen there are 4 applications which are on the springboards, those are phone, passbook, and health and also weather. The page controller is on the right, you may tap to use Siri access, then you may swipe up to unlock, you may swipe up or down to move between pages of the applications, or you may pull down for showing the notifications. Then hitting the home button is for getting back to the lock screen.

Actually, last year Thomas Bogner has introduced his design of iWatch mockup which is seemed like a combination of a Nike+ Fuelband and an iPhone in Dribbble, then to make it possible on using that combination makes Todd Hamilton made the better orientation interface which is compatible for a wrist computer. The better interface to make it possible on using and applying the idea of wrist computer is the main attention.iwatch apple concept design

Todd has created the iWatch which focuses on managing and utilizing the applications, contacts and also media from the synced iPhone or Mac, then this iWatch does not the normal tab view which has several controls like edit or add contact for calling someone. Todd knew that the users more focus on using the applications, media, and features.

The other superb idea which is inserted to this iWatch is that the motion or sleep or life tracking which is also used as the basis for Jawbone, Fitbit and also Nike. Todd realized that the ideas of health and fitness applications will be the great hit for this iWatch, and then Todd inserted similar features like sleep and activity tracking. Apple made this come true by hiring two biosensor experts for advancing biometric sensors to monitor blood chemistry and body condition like glucose levels, heart rates and other health related data.

So, what do think about Todd’s iWatch concept design? Do you like it?

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