Leafsnap! An amazing New App that Identifies Trees!

There are a lot of cool applications out there right now. Well all of us have heard of face recognition software which is used for security purposes around the globe. But this amazing new application takes face recognition to a new level.

Leafsnap has the ability to identify tree species by face recognition. Apps already exist in the market which can identify flora and fauna, such as the application ForestXplorer; however these applications rely on the user himself deducing his species from a list of characteristics provided by the application.

Leafsnap promises more

It’s a joint collaboration between the Columbia University, the University of Maryland and the Smithsonian Institute based in the United States. This application uses the face recognition technology and directly recognizes the species from its photograph. This application contains high resolution images of the trees’ flowers, fruits, seeds, petiole and bark which help in the identification process. Currently the application is limited to the trees in New York and Washington D.C only but will soon get to the whole of United States.


This iOS app will do wonders for those who work in the field of biodiversity. Students will have a vast store of information in their hands just by downloading this app for free on their iPhone or iPad. This is a great development in the field of science and can benefit people from all walks of life. It also lays down the foundation for development of other similar software. Anything could be next, fungi, butterflies, wildflowers.

The application has another very exciting and unique feature; Geocoding! Yes this application contains geo-coded stamps of locations of species. This means that scientists can now map the spread of flora nationwide. This could lead to exciting new possibilities.


The development of this application proves that there are people out there who are actually thinking of using electronic gadgets for educational purposes as well. Otherwise, I’m sure all of us know how caught up we can get in a game of angry birds or temple run and before we know we have wasted more than an hour of our life just in playing a silly game.

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