How to Lower the Risk with Windows XP for Those Who Still Using it

Everyone was shocked. On 8 April 2014Microsoft has been discharged Windows XP! If you are still using this operating system, do not worry. You don’t need to throw it in the trash because you can still work with Windows XP. Nonetheless, there are some things you should consider. The risk of your computer against security breach will be increased over time if you insist on using Windows XP.

Microsoft has announced that Windows XP is no longer a safe place for storing your essential digital data.

Thousands of times you repair the operating system will not do any good. A foundation owned by the system is outdated. This system will not survive the latest security threats. Unless you have no problem if your data is stolen, your computer is misused to commit a crime, or your home network hacked. Microsoft said that Windows XP was already beyond help.

How to Lower the Risk with Windows XP for Those Who Still Using it

However, if you have no other choice but to keep using this old Windows version, there are several ways to lower the risk of it:

Use the latest version

Make sure your Windows XP is the final version. How? You only need one thing: connect it to the internet. It will update itself. If you cannot connect to the internet, search Windows Update on your computer and then run it. This is the earliest effort to improve the security, preventive efforts.

Keep antivirus up to date

Microsoft still supports its antivirus, Security Essentials, until July 2015. Make sure you have the latest updates. If it is not updating itself, you can open the antivirus and force it to perform the update. Antivirus is a pretty strong defense, but it will not be useful if you use the expired one.

Keep your browser up to date

The most frequent threat came from websites that you visit.


It is the main gate of the threat. Make sure your browser is the latest one. All the latest browsers have a security system that is always better than the previous version. Oh yeah, do not use Internet Explorer. Even though it is the default browser by Windows, that thing is not included in the browser that has a good security system.

Beware with your email & Facebook!

Never open an attachment, any type attachment (common types: Word files or PDFs), when using computers that use Windows XP, even though the data is coming from your peers. Account sender can be faked, so these emails become a great place to bring the infection.

Apart from email, it does not matter when you just want to check what is going on with your friends via Facebook. But, be careful when clicking a hyperlink to a story or a site that appears in your home feeds. Friends that you know could have been infected beforehand.

Beware with external storage media

The media can be USBs (Universal Serial Bus), CDs (Compact Disc), or DVDs (Digital Video Disc). These media may be carrying malware. Your security system might be able to detect these threats, or maybe not. The most prudent action is to avoid the use of external storage media in Windows XP computer. Oh FYI, the USB is known as the main antagonist for the rapid growth of viruses that infect computers around the world.

Disconnect the internet connection

This idea makes sense. XP computers use is usually for a specific function, such as cash registers. This function is not very significant for the presence of the internet world, isn’t it? Relax, you can still be in touch with the internet by using gadgets like smartphone or tablet.

Click here for more information about when Microsoft will not supporting

other version

of Windows.

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