Mobile and Cloud Join Forces: The Great Surge

Not having to carry around drives and drives of data because your mobile devices cannot handle your space requirements is something that you will soon forget once you get accustomed to using the cloud. A virtual flash drive, of sorts, which you can access anywhere, anytime and from any device. It comes as no surprise that the next platform christened “Third Platform”, will be a convergence of the cloud and mobile devices.

It is the next logical step in clouding. Having virtually limitless storage at the touch of your fingertips should be implemented not into only as storage, but to evolve beyond that. Mobile devices are already on the Net most of the time, so why not take advantage of the established connections and use the cloud to handle all your data needs.

Mobile 2.0

smartphoneGenerally, all of our mobile devices, tablets, ultrabooks or phones are capable of performing outstandingly, however, in some aspects they are still very limited, and in order to go beyond their limits, the cloud integration will be a great symbiosis that will provide great results.

With the mobile cloud junction, you will have improved synchronization and data usage; more reliable software and support for any of your devices; and the most important aspect is that you will not be shackled to only one device from which you can work. Become truly virtual will mean that you will be able to conduct business from virtually anywhere and how you like it.

Behind the veil

With the cloud in the back, you will not only have limitless storage but also the processing capability of unspeakable power. Think of your device as a gate to working with such power, like a screen. You will be able to run apps that you could not before; actually you would be only accessing the app because it would still be run remotely. Nevertheless, you will have the ability and possibility to work with apps and software that most suits your needs, without having to worry about your devices’ performance.

Unless you go mobile, no future

The majority of the business around the world is already transferring to the mobile way of life. Unless your site or business can be conducted via mobile devices, you are considered incapable and unworthy. With more and more people becoming netizens with an active say in how things develop, it is the time that your business invests into the mobile cloud.

Even after the joint forces of mobile clouding, both sides will continue to evolve separately, but will be one of the major forces to decide how the business will be conducted from mobile devices. The new trend for major hosting companies is to offer the mobile app in iTunes store that allows you to manage your cloud-based servers, one of them being Australia-based Crucial. Imagine the possibilities.


HTML is the basic core language when creating the web, and the new HTML5 will dictate how the web will evolve and how apps will work not only online, but offline as well. This will be a crucial stepping stone for the mobile cloud, as mobile devices cannot be connected all the time, and we will need apps that can work offline too.

On the other hand, with the new HTML5 incorporated apps will have less load on the servers and will require less power. In other words, even poorer countries will have the option to go mobile cloud, as the service will not require too many resources and effort.

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