Moment App: The Right App for iPhone Addiction

You may have heard about the usual types of addictions: drugs, booze, or even games. But do you know that you can actually get addicted to your gadgets, especially your mobile phones?

This is the latest trend happening in our society: we get stuck to our mobile phone too much. Have you ever felt restless when you left your phone at home? Have you felt hopeless and clueless without your mobile gadgets? If most of your answers are yes, then it is very likely that you are hooked up too much to your device. It is quite ironic actually since the mobile phone is designed and created to make people get connected despite the geographical boundaries, but in the end, it makes the closest ones grow apart.

If you don’t want to get addicted too much to your phone, you can certainly make use of Moment, a special app designed for the iOS platform. Moment app can help you limit the usage of your iPhone so you won’t be attached too much. It can be set up and adjusted according to your need. If you use your phone too much, there will be a reminder about it. You see, this app runs continuously on the iPhone background and it will literally track the usage. The notification will appear, in whatever conditions you are at. Even when you are making calls or texting, it will show.

How to Limit the Usage of your iPhone with Moment App (1)

For instance, if you set it to only an hour a day, it will start giving out warning after you have used it for 30 minutes. Once you have used up all the-one-hour limits, another warning will appear. You will be ‘advised’ to drop your device and simply enjoy the rest of the day without it.

How to Limit the Usage of your iPhone with Moment App

You can also enjoy the additional feature where the phone will turn off on its own once you have exceeded your limit. There will be a warning before shutting down, and if you decide to still continue using your phone, it will shut down automatically.

The only flaw is it has auto location tracking. Besides running GPS constantly, is completely unnecessary and a huge battery drain. As you may know that too many apps already demand to track our location when that’s not crucial to their function.

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The man behind this interesting app is Kevin Holesh. Holesh developing the app without no reason, since he has a blog called “I’m Addicted to My iPhone”. His wake up call happened when he moved in with his girlfriend and they spent more time with their phones instead of being together.

If you are interested in having this app, get ready to spend $3.99 out of your pocket. This app will be available soon for Android users.

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