MyPCBackup Review: The Pros and Cons

If you think that your computer is the safest and the best place to save your important data, you may want to think again. As long as you are connected to the internet, there is no safe place for your data. You can always be a target for spam, virus attack, malware malfunction, and so many more. Even computer crash can jeopardize your data…you may lose them for good.

That’s why cloud storage is created and provided, so users like you can always have a protected and safe spot to keep the data. Once you make the online backup, you can be sure that they will not be harmed or touched by anything. But now new concern arises; which cloud service should you choose?

If you have ever heard about MyPCBackup, you may want to know more about the service they offer. Read along this MyPCBackup review and decide whether it is the right option for your online backup need.

mypcbackup review unlimited cloud storage

The Huge Advantages

Most cloud storage providers are offering affordable service on monthly basis, but not many of them are offering the combination of low price service with unlimited storage space. MyPCBackup does that. In fact, this provider understand how users always want to have spacious storage space without them having to spend a fortune, so the company came up with the idea. Another great thing about this provider is that you can have a single account with multiple licenses. It is simply cool and handy.

Moreover, there are no restrictions to the types of files you want to backup. Whatever formats you have, you can be sure that they can be kept without fuss. As the account owner, you can make adjustments to the settings, as your heart desires. You can create your own automatic backup schedule, allow sync with multiple computers, adjust access to your files, permit automation or not, and so many things alike.

You can also connect your account to any computers or devices. Feel free if you want to connect it to your Windows PC. You can certainly connect it to your iOS devices or Android mobile devices. You can even share your accounts through mail and allow different access to your account. So, in case you want your sister, brother, or friends to get direct access to your account, you can arrange it.

If you are still doubtful about the overall service, you can always have the free trial. The company provides it and you are welcome to try, so you can see how the implementation of the whole deal. If you are still confused with the operation, there are tutorials available for you. You can even access the video tutorials, in case you prefer visual support. Supports are also available through phone, blogs, email, and live chat. Feel free to contact them whenever you encounter issues.

mypcbackup review

The Flaws

Although MyPCBackup offers 3 to 4GB data backup per day, there is certain restriction for the uploaded file size. You are only allowed to upload 3GB of data, which is kind of sucks when you have huge amount of data.

Moreover, the server seems to experience quite often glitches and problems concerning the technical aspects. It is nothing for most users, but it can be quite annoying if you deal with this online backup system on daily basis. If you are expecting a sophisticated system, you may want to think twice. The overall performance is quite good, but it is quite standard – it comes along with the tag price that you have to pay.

Conclusion: The price of having this online backup is very affordable. By spending $10 for monthly subscription basis or $5 a month for 2 years period, you can get quite spacious and nice online backup system.  If you need personal cloud system that isn’t too sophisticated and meet your requirements just well, MyPCBackup is the right option for you.

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