Review: Pairing Amazon S3 with Dreamhost

Pairing Amazon S3 with Dreamhost will be an ideal way to run a site. Amazon S3 can be used to deal with heavy data storage while Dreamhost can be used to manage the web hosting. Not only they are easy to manage, they are also affordable for your monthly spending. Indeed, you may be doubtful about Dreamhost service since their ability to play audio and video is slow. But hey, let’s admit it…all cheap web hosting services are slow, so what else do you expect? Just keep in mind that when you pair up S3 with Dreamhost, let the S3 do all the heavy work. After all, it is known for its quick delivery time; not to mention if you include the Amazon S3 service such as CloudFront. You can be sure that the result is just perfect even when you handle audio files, images, videos, zip files, etc.

Amazon S3 Service

amazon s3 You may think that you can use Amazon S3 as web hosting service too, but unless you are a professional and skilled developer, the process won’t be easy at all. That’s why S3 is only best when used as a storage container. With S3, be sure that your upload activity won’t be hampered at all, thanks to the perfect content delivery. In case you are using Cloudfront too, the images will be delivered to your visitors’ closest location. Another great thing about Amazon S3 is the fact that you can always protect your data from any unauthorized usage and leeching. Feel free to store audio, video, or even ebook that you intend to sell on your site. With S3, you can set up a specific URL that will expire after a certain period of time. Your data will be safe, naturally. And you have the access to adjust the security protection and much more features.

About Dreamhost

Pairing up Amazon S3 and Dreamhost The cool thing about using Dreamhost web hosting service is the fact that you only need to spend $8.95 per month and everything comes with unlimited label. With that amount of money and unlimited label, you may never make use of it in full capacity – and that’s the great thing about Dreamhost. The company also has great reputation when it comes to online time. Their performance is great and they have great support service that is fast and responsive to any questions. But it is likely that you may never use the support service at all since their admin interface is very simple and easy to use. For instance, you are able to upload audios and videos to S3 through Dreamhost admin panel, therefore there is no need for separated application if you want to interact with S3.

Dreamhost also offering One-Click Automatic Software Installers for CMS like WordPress and Joomla. Simply click the Easy Install button and you are good to go. This feature also receive regular updates and Dreamhost will do this for you with just a single click of Upgrade button. For now, pairing the Amazon S3 with Dreamhost is truly an ideal way to manage your site with huge traffic. If you just plan out or start your own website, using Amazon S3 – along with the Cloudfront service – and Dreamhost will be a great way to start everything.

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