How to Pick the Best Car Mount for Your iPhone

How to Choose the Right Mount?

Today, most mobile devices, especially iPhones, come with a variety of safety features that may be highly useful while driving. You can safely enable and make the most of these features by using a quality car mount to keep your phone in place.

The best and easiest way is to match your iPhone with amount or holder designed exactly for the device that you are using. Specifically designed mounts guarantee a good fit and are compatible with additional features. But if you are not able to find one, you can get a holder or mount that is a flexible fit for all most commonly used mobile devices, including iPhones.

Types of Car Mounts

There are numerous kinds of car mounts available on the market. Every mount is fixed in the car using a different method. Once you are aware of all the types of mounts, you’ll be able to pick the best fit for your iPhone:

Here are some good, trendy options for you to choose from:

Glass/Windshield and Dash Application Mounts

Glass or Windscreen car mounts designed specifically to be mounted to the car’s windscreen, commonly using a suction pad. The real advantage to these mounts is that you can place them almost anywhere on the windshield.

These car mounts come with the suction base formula that allows them to easily fix on glass and windshield. Depending on your requirements and comfort, you can mount them on all dash surfaces, wood or leather, without any supporting disc. These car mounts are designed to hold mobile devices with screen size up to 5 inches. Their ball-joint design enables maximum angle adjustment and rotation.

This type of car mounts is not that reliable in terms of security though as compared to other options!

Glass Windshield and Dash Application Mounts

Air Vent Application Mounts

If you don’t like anything blocking your vision while driving, air vent mounts are now available for use. These iPhone holders can be fixed on the vents of a vehicle. They fit virtually all kinds of air vents and provide optimal stability when in motion. They can grab any phone with width ranging from 5 to 10 cm and are easy to adjust and rotate while driving.

Air vent mounts are more secure than dashboard mounts when it comes to holding a mobile device in place. However, they limit the usability of the vents they are mounted to.

Air Vent Application Mounts

Mini Car Mounts

Mini car mounts use fine suction cups with a well-built and reliable locking mechanism. The flexible design allows you to fix these mounts anywhere on the windshield. They are compact enough for an uninterrupted view, ensuring full safety while driving.

Both rotary motion and angle adjustment features are fine and smooth. Every mount can hold mobile phones with width or length of up to 5 to 10 centimeters.

Mini Car Mounts

Dual Bendable Neck Mounts

These mounts feature dual-mount mobile holders that can grab two devices at once. The suction cup mechanism with a burly locking system makes it possible to mount the holder wherever you want on the windshield.

The bendable neck allows you to fix it at the best position and rotate anywhere you want. The expandable arms help grab mobile phones from 5 to 10cm width or length.

Dual Bendable Neck Mounts

Screw Fix Mounts

Screw fix mounts require installation and are screwed into the chosen place. Although these mounts take more time for mounting than other types of mounts, they are the securest of them all.

Screw Fix Mounts

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