How to Pick the Best iPhone to Buy

In the past, choosing which iPhone to buy was simpler because there was only one variant available. But with the production of iPhone generations afterward, choosing the best iPhone to buy is more difficult and complicated. Although most of these variants are offering the similar features, there is always new development and technology created for the next line.

As if the fuss about iPhone 4 and 4S hadn’t subsided, Apple is releasing their new – not one, but two – variants of iPhone 5. Known as the iPhone 5S and 5C, these smartphones are set up for different targets; that’s why they have different designs and specs. As a user, you may find out that picking out these Apple’s phones may not be as easy as before, but there are always ways to differentiate them. Moreover, don’t forget to compare specs, storage capacities, and also carriers if you want to have worthy purchase.

Comparing iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S

Here is the comparison of general specs from each handset:


  • iPhone 4 comes with 8GB, 16GB, and 32GB
  • iPhone 4S comes with 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB
  • iPhone 5C comes with 16GB and 32GB
  • iPhone 5S has 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB


  • iPhone 4 comes with Apple A4, the 4S comes with A5
  • iPhone 5C comes with A6, and 5S comes with A7

Display screen size

Both iPhone 4 and 4S has 3.5 inches, while both iPhone 5S and 5C comes with 4 inches.


Both iPhone 4 and 4S has 640 x 960p resolution, while both iPhone 5S and 5C comes 640 x 1136p.


All of them have WiFi, HSDPA, HSUPA, 3G, GSM, CDMA, UMTS, and Bluetooth, but both iPhone 5C and 5S are also equipped with 4G LTE.

Siri and FaceTime

All of the devices have FaceTime; however, iPhone 4 doesn’t come with Siri.

Weight (in ounce)

  • iPhone 4 comes with 4.8
  • iPhone 4S comes with 4.9
  • iPhone 5C comes with 4.65
  • iPhone 5S comes with 3.95


All of them have 2 cameras, but iPhone 4 comes with 5 megapixel and VGA, 4S comes with 8 megapixel and VGA, and both iPhone 5C and 5S have 8 megapixel and 1.2 megapixels.

how to pick the best iphone to buy (iphone 4)

Reasons to Choose iPhone 4

The advantages:

  • The design is solid, sleek, and thin. It feels firmer when compared to the 3G or 3GS.
  • It comes with retina display with its high-resolution capacity.
  • The camera is nice and responsive, along with video recording ability.
  • It is not a very advanced and high-end camera with loads of features, but you can still make use of it to shoot nice quality images.
  • It comes with FaceTime video conference feature that is quite handy for users – especially the busy ones.
  • It is certainly faster and more responsive than the previous model.
  • It comes with better battery life since it can be used to accommodate all-day usage and operation.
  • There is built-in support designed for 3G, GPS, Bluetooth, and WiFi.
  • It has pre-installed apps, such as integrated Google Maps, email client with HTML capability, web browser, and many other apps that can be accessed through AppStore.
  • It is able to use Microsoft Office operation – Excel, Word, PowerPoint- , although it can only be used for reading; not for editing. The phone can also be used to read files with pdf formats.

The disadvantages:

  • The front and back side of the phone is covered in glass, so there is always possibility of damage although it is claimed to withstand impact.
  • There are reports about the reception problem for the iPhone 4 GSM variant. It is suspected that the design and the carrier are related to the issue.
  • It has very expensive contracts
  • There is no optical zoom for the camera
  • There is no editing ability for the Microsoft Office, although online editing is said to be provided soon.
  • There is no Flash support.
  • When compared to other mobile phones that offer better cameras, better wireless connection, additional features, and bigger carriers’ range, iPhone 4 doesn’t seem superior at all.
how to pick the best iphone to buy (iphone 4s box)

Reasons to Choose iPhone 4S

The advantages:

  • The camera is new and with better ability. It has face detection feature, simple editing ability, bigger aperture, image stabilization, and backside illumination sensor. It is still able to record HD videos as well.
  • The processor is faster, thanks to the A5 chip. The same chip is also used for iPad 2. You can enjoy faster download, games, and so many more.
  • Enjoy Siri, where you can make use of the voice recognition system with hands-free convenience.
  • The wireless sync ability is handy. There is no need to connect your phone to any PC or Mac anymore.
  • The battery is better with a few more hours of talk time.
  • The Airplay system is nice, especially if you have Apple TV. Simply stream whatever playing in the phone to your TV with the Airplay.
  • The fingerprint resistant feature is nice, thanks to the oleophobic coating that will repel oil on your fingers.

The disadvantages:

  • The phone doesn’t have 4G so the wireless data is very slow. It happens because Apple is thinking about developing better LTE chips, but for the next line.
  • The overall design is almost identical with iPhone 4, which makes some users bored.
  • If you think that 4S will be coming with a bigger screen, think again. The screen is just similar to iPhone 4.
  • Not many people are interested in spending about $200 for a two year contract, when they can spend only $100 for the iPhone 4. iPhone 4 may not be coming with Assistant feature and 8 megapixel camera, but it has free 3GS and most of the features are pretty nice as well.
  • With so many leaked case pictures for the iPhone 5, not so many people are interested in having iPhone 4S. Most of them think why should they be spending money for 4S if they can get the new developed iPhone 5? After all, the leaked pictures of the possible iPhone 5 – with the wider body, sleek design, and bigger screen – seem too tempting.
    Although the processor may be newer and makes the phone works faster than iPhone 4, there isn’t any significant changes that will make you go ‘Wow!’
how to pick the best iphone to buy (iphone 5s)

Reasons to Choose iPhone 5S

The advantages:

  • It is the newest and the latest model, with elegant color and sleeker design. When compared to 5C, this one is the high end product. If you are bored with the regular black and white option, you can always choose the gold, silver, and space gray. Besides coming with the basic features – such as FaceTime and Siri – there are other cutting edge features included in this model.
  • This phone comes with bigger screen. With 4 inch screen and retina display feature, you can enjoy the crisp and bright images.
  • Faster performance, thanks to the new processor. 5S comes with A7 processor which is much quicker – around 40% – than the A6 processor packed in 5C. Moreover, the phone also has M7 co processor motion that will work just nicely with gyroscope, compass, and accelerometer so you enjoy fitness and sports apps.
  • You can enjoy better video and camera. Besides the 8 megapixel ability, you can also enjoy auto image stabilization, dual color for improved fidelity, slo-mo video recording, and so many more.
  • There is a fingerprint scanner that is set up for your security. With this feature, you don’t need to use passcode and password anymore.

The disadvantage:

  • This phone is the priciest device, with you having to spend around $200 to $400 for two year contract.
how to pick the best iphone to buy (iphone 5c no box)

Reasons to Choose iPhone 5C

The advantages:

  • Basically, this phone is the new iPhone 5 although it may come with new and colorful casing. If you want to have fun and bright iPhone – with pink, green, white, blue, and yellow cover – the 5C is the best option. Moreover, all the great features of iPhone 5 can be found in this device, including slim and sleek model, better camera, LTE 4G network, retina display with 4 inch size, and so many more.
  • Although not much, this device comes with better camera and battery life.
  • This phone comes with lower price range. Only by spending S200, you can get a new iPhone 5C with two year contract.

The disadvantages:

  • Since 5C is the inexpensive model of the new line, it isn’t packed with the high end or cutting edge technologies. Don’t expect to have fingerprint scanner or other new technologies that you can meet in 5S.
  • As it was mentioned before, the features in 5C is just the same as the iPhone 5 so you get the ‘older’ features instead of the cutting edge ones.

All in all, it is up to you to choose which device you like. Each of them has their own strength and flaws. Just be sure that you choose the right device for your own needs and budget.

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