Review: Monitor Viber Chats of Your Staff

Instant messaging has received a big boost in the last few years, majorly because of the immense popularity of smartphones. WhatsApp, Skype and Viber have received immense popularity and more often than not you would find these apps in your friend or colleagues smartphone. If you are an employer, I am pretty sure that all your employees with smartphones would definitely have Viber installed inside their phone.

Need of the hour

In a broader perspective if you look at it, this could turn out to be a pretty good thing for your business. With all employees of yours carrying smartphones, with one single smart move, you will be able to get your business clear from any threats from within your organization. I am basically talking about the need to monitor Viber chats of your employees using an employee monitoring app Xnspy.

How does this plan out

If you are confused how and what an employee monitoring app could help you with, then here’s your answer.Xnspy monitoring app is basically a pretty small app that needs to be downloaded inside your employee’s cell phone and it covers very little space inside their phone. You need to start-off by signing-up for an account with Xnspy followed by downloading this app inside your employee’s cell phone. Once everything is done, you simply need to use your personal log-in details from Xnspy and access your control panel. Here you will be able to monitor Viber chats of your employees and get access to other smartphone data of theirs.

Viber chats

Each and every text message send and received by your employees via Viber are shown to you by Xnspy along with the time and date of each message. Similarly all the calls made and received on the phone of your employees via Viber are shown to you along with the date, time and duration of each call.

viber-message viber-call add-watchlist-contact

Other features

All the e-mail messages records as well as all contact numbers stored inside your employee’s phone are provided to you by Xnspy. You may even track the exact location of your employees using the ‘View location history’ feature of this app.

A simple way to ensure the success of your business is to monitor Viber chats and other phone data of your employees to know about their activities at work. This app works fine with all the Android and IPhone handsets and is the best help you need to strengthen your business.

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