Samsung Galaxy J1: The Thinnest Smartphone with 4 GB Memory

Samsung, an esteemed South Korean based firm has recently launched a classy J1 phone; it is an exclusive devise and is the thinnest phone ever designed by Samsung. Like any other Samsung brand it looks exceptionally fashionable with a vividly bright display surrounded by a professional black enclosure. Apart from being the lightest phone, it has a small 4.3 inch display. Sources are really stunned by Samsung’s initiative to incorporate a small screen into J1 and reports suggest that it is a tactic to gain an esteemed position in the competitive smartphone market place.

Samsung Galaxy J1 is certainly a phone that will attract a mass population because of the exclusiveness in unique areas, of being the thinnest phone and having a small screen measurement. Let’s now provide a detailed analysis of the some of the intriguing characteristics of the


Galaxy J1 is eye-catchy at first sight, it is a symbol of spark vibrancy inside professionalism and it measures 129x68x8.9mm and weighs 123g. The figure is not at all indicative of a heavy weight, but it is not all that light for its size. It is sold in interesting shades of white, blue and black. J1 flaunts a great design, which is a true representation of the needs and aspirations of the modern demographic. Samsung Galaxy J1 is a suitable phone to own, the main sight of amazement is it being the thinnest Samsung device. It also scores well on the software, hardware, camera and battery front, but the features are not as forceful as a high-end phone, but it is efficiently usable to carry out progressive day to day transactions.


Galaxy J1 is picturesque at first sight; the attractiveness is contributed by the 4.3 inch display engineered with capacitive touchscreen technology. It has a display resolution power of 480×800 pixels and pixel density capacity is 217ppi, which is decent, but not very extraordinary and comparable to a mid-range price. It is however convenient to those who are okay with simple tasks needed for day-to-day living.


Galaxy J1 is installed with a robust 1.2GHz Cortex Quad-core A7 processor with 1GB RAM and potent Mali 400 graphics. It is powered by a potent Spreadtrum chipset; the hardware power of the phone is satisfactory, and not high-tech like many other mid-range and high budget phones. It can store few apps and users can indulge in a couple of gaming moments. It is an idyllic purchase for simple moments of fun and effectual daily business conversations.

The main concern with the phone is the insufficient storage of 4GB and it can expand to 32GB with the aid of micro-SD card and it is a boon indeed.


The phone has a 5-megapixel-rear camera and it captures images that stretch to a maximum of 2592×1944 pixels. It has a series of camera features to enable users to enjoy every moment with face detection, touch focus, geo-tagging and autofocus. Galaxy J1 has a 2 megapixel front camera, the 5MP camera is perfect to soak in splendid selfie moments and share many of the images with friends and on social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and so


Samsung Galaxy J1 functions on a potent Android 4.4.4 operating system and reports state that it may not be upgraded to a higher level, mainly because it is not a common strategy of Samsung. The software potential of the phone is decent to effectively swipe between screens, download a range of apps and it also catered to swift Internet downloading. Users can explore the convenience of a high-end phone.


Samsung Galaxy J1 is engineered with decent battery power and operates on a potent lithium ion battery and gives 1850mAh. The charge potential is sufficient enough to last for a day, but do not completely depend on it and have a power bank. Consumers can sufficiently rely on battery power, but it is not the best offered by a smartphone.


The connectivity options are strong as well; it has LTE connectivity and dual-SIM options.


Samsung is a world-renowned brand that has produced high-quality smartphones that are amazing beyond imagination. The high sellers are Samsung S series and Galaxy Grand brands. The company is catering to the vast dimension of the Indian audience, where the gap between various economic groups is wide, and this is where the power of Galaxy J1 comes into the limelight.

The crowd response around Samsung Galaxy J1 is expected to be overwhelming, for the fact that it is the thinnest devise built by Samsung. It would be exhilarating to have an opportunity to own it, and many of us would wonder about the feel effect of the incredibly slender design on the palm, it is a rare opportunity to let go off.

The design of the phone is pictorial, although the screen display is only 4.3 inches; the impact of display capacity is enormously significant. Samsung has thereby incorporated a smart model of design and display engineering into its latest Galaxy J1 devise. The viewing angles are admirable and the colour emission power is impressive.

Buyers, who are keen on Samsung Galaxy J1, just go for it, to just explore the impact of a never seen before amazingly thin phone. The handling effect is extremely convenient and it can fit into the small places with ease and it does not pose any sort of strain. Consumers can feel protected as it comes from the house of Samsung, primarily contributed by the flawless design architecture.

Samsung has very recently launched Galaxy J1 in India, and it will be interesting to view customer response levels towards the phone in the near future. If you are really keen on buying it, head to the store now, before hundreds of pieces sell like wildfire. The selling features of the phone are the classy design and decently appreciated hardware, software, and camera and battery power. It costs Rs 7,190.

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