How to Save Battery on iPhone 5s

Even though the iPhone 5s display and overall performance are undoubtedly astounding, its battery life appeared to be somewhat less satisfying as compared to its predecessor. The most recent iOS 7.1 update apparently doesn’t provide the solution to solve this issue. What’s worse, the update installation can make the battery drain even faster. If you’re currently experiencing this, then you need to carry out the following tips on how to save battery on iPhone 5s.

Saving battery on iPhone 5S can be done through simple steps. Disabling push notifications or adjusting screen brightness is the most common options and ways. However, there are more options that you can do, so your phone won’t constantly drain off power.

Adjusting Screen Brightness

Since the iPhone 5s screen is one of the biggest drains on battery life, it’s suggested to keep the brightness low in order to minimize the drain. Move the slider all the way down to the lowest setting instead of moving it all the way up or using the default brightness level.

Turn Off 4G LTE

How to Save battery iphone 5The 4G LTE can deliver a very fast data speed while surfing the webs or downloading videos. However, 4G LTE will quickly drain off your iPhone 5s battery life as well. So, it’s wiser to turn off 4G LTE when you don’t really need these fast data speeds to save battery life. As an alternative, you can set the iPhone 5s to run on the 4G HSPA+ network. It will definitely provide a bit slower data speed, but helpfully it does not eat away battery life as much as 4G LTE.

To perform this, simply do this step:

  • Go to Settings, then Cellular, Enable LTE and choose Off.

Turn Off Push E-mail

When the device is constantly working to push e-mails, it will eat a lot of battery power, especially if you get a large volume of e-mails daily. By turning off the push e-mails, you can check e-mail at your own leisure and you will see that the battery may last longer than before. Alternatively, you can simply set the device to push e-mails at some larger intervals. Instead of checking e-mails every minute, it’s better to set the checking intervals at every 15-30 minutes to preserve the battery.

To turn off the Push E-mail or to change the intervals:

  • Go to Settings, then choose Mail, Contacts & Calendars, select Fetch New Data, then choose the setting for each e-mail account.

Disable Push Notifications and Location Services

By turning off the push notifications for most apps, the screen will not be lighting up every time a notification pops up. Surely, this can help save battery life as the lighting up notification on the screen is replaced by a sound of buzzer or alert.

To do this:

  • Go to Settings, then Notification Center, select Tap on an App, then scroll down and toggle Show on Lock Screen.

The Location Services will also light up the screen frequently, so it’s advised to turn off this feature by going to

  • Settings, then Privacy, select Location Services and hit Toggle it off.

Airplane Mode

To conserve battery, you can simply activate the Airplane mode on your iPhone 5s. This tip will be very ideal to apply overnight or while you are sleeping. Airplane mode will disable all the cellular signal and wireless connectivity that can quickly drain off the battery life. To switch to Airplane mode, go to the Control Center by swiping up on the bottom of the screen and then look for the airplane icon.

Disable AirDrop

With AirDrop, you can share data, photos, or files with your friends or families nearby. However, this action can drain off power pretty quickly. The drainage will be worse when you see this “discoverable” mode. You can always turn it off and only use it when needed.

  • Go to Control Centre, choose AirDrop, and then tap on Off option.

If you want to activate it, just choose the option On.

Disable Background App Refresh Mode

This feature makes your iPhone look more sophisticated and smarter. The thing about this auto-refreshing mode is that it uses quite a lot of power because of the constant update. iOS 7 is able to learn your habit and then make updates for your apps before viewing. If you always check your Facebook before 7, for example, iOS 7 will learn about this habit and make the updates available for you before 7.

To disable this feature:

  • Go to Settings and choose General. Choose Background App Refresh and make an arrangement, whether you want to entirely disable this feature or adjust it for specific apps only.

Arrange Sooner Auto Lock Mode

Activating sooner auto lock means that you will put your device into sleep mode whenever you don’t need it.  The sooner your device gets into sleep mode, the more power you can save. It is best to set the sleep mode in 1 or 3 minutes setting.

  • Go to Settings, choose General, choose Auto Lock, and tap your choice – you should see different options provided there.

Disable Auto App Updates

It is best to update the apps manually, so the power won’t be compromised. Sure, it is nice to have automatic updates which make your life easier. However, this feature consumes lots of powers. If you want to have better battery management, here are the steps to do:

  • Go to Settings and choose iTunes & App Store
  • Choose Updates
  • Turn it off by moving the slider to the side.

Disable Equalizer

If you are a true audiophile hardcore, you might not like this option because it can affect your convenience when listening to music. The equalizer can adjust music by decreasing the treble, adjusting volume, increasing the bass, and such thing alike. This is a nice feature for the audiophile, but it really consumes loads of power.

To turn it off:

  • Go to Settings, choose Music, tap EQ, and choose Off option.

Block Unwanted Callers

When you make or receive calls, this action can drain off your battery. Even when you don’t pick up the phone, your battery can be affected. If you don’t want to receive calls from certain people and yet they keep on calling you, you can always block them in order to save battery – as well as your energy.

To do this, you need to:

  • Go to Settings and choose Phone.
  • Choose Blocked option and choose the contacts from the provided list.

Keep in mind, though, that they won’t be able to reach you, but they can always leave a voicemail.

If you have more tips to save battery iPhone 5s, kindly share them with me.

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