How to Setup Parental Controls Time Limits on Mac

Parental Controls feature gives you the opportunity to shield your Mac or users who are fearful, mischievous, or still very young from harm and confusion. This can be done when you are setting a Standard/Managed account. Parental Controls feature is very useful when you set up an account for young children, students, or easily intimidated adults. You as an Admin can use the feature for your own account too. However, Silly rabbit will issue a warning “This is for kids!” when you turn on this feature.

One benefit of this feature is in the form of time use restrictions. You can determine how much time is allowed in a day. Moreover, you can arrange certain hours that is not allowed to do activities with the Mac, such as sleeping hours.

Here is how to setup Parental Controls:

1. Go to System Preferences. Choose Parental Controls.

How to Setup Parental Controls Time Limits on Mac

How to Setup Parental Controls Time Limits on Mac (0)2. Select create a new user account with parental controls and hit Continue. Fill in the details and hit Continue again.

3. Check the Limit Applications and choose the age range you want. Then check Prevent the Dock from being modified.

How to Setup Parental Controls Time Limits on Mac (1)

Time limits option is a brilliant idea. Those Apple programmers surely have a child who became a source of inspiration of this feature. They are aware that parents are very concerned about their children period in front of a computer screen. Too much in front of the screen is not good for health. In addition, they also concerned about the use at certain times.

Hopefully with this feature, children will more often do outside activities. Parents must be clever to outsmart technology that offers comfort to their children.

Here is how to setup Time Limits:

1. Select the Time Limits tab in the Parental Controls window to display all the available settings.

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2. In the Weekday and Weekend, time limits select Limit computer use to, and then modify the slider.

3. At Bedtime section, check the Weekend or School nights options. You can set the hours of the day or, often chosen by most parents, set the hours for the night.

4. Don’t forget to Click the lock to prevent further changes.

When this feature is used, your kids will able to see the time left for them. When they click the menu-bar clock that shows the current time, a menu will appear. The menu can be a written message from you to them. For example, “Parental Controls: Time Remaining 1:10,” or “Your time is up, son! Time Remaining 1:00.

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