How to Setup Telecommuting Work

Have you ever heard about telecommuting work? If you haven’t, have you ever heard about work from home, e-commute, remote work, or e-work? They are all just the same; referring to the work that offers you flexibility in working hours and also location.

Telecommuting work is a new way in a professional industry where employees are allowed to work within the most comfortable setting in their house. Or even if they don’t work exactly from home, they can work from locations close to their house like the library, the café, the coffee shops, or other locations that offer similar comfort and convenience as home. Over the years, the consideration about telecommuting is increasing, where most people believe that working efficiency and credibility can be improved only when the workers feel comfy and at home. Researchers and studies do show that when workers are situated within the environment that they are comfy with, and they are doing things that they love, their efficiency is automatically improved, which naturally will impact the working productivity and creativity.

How to Setup Telecommuting Work

Remote work can actually be done by anyone and within any professional sector or industry. Whether you are working as a consultant or a web designer, or you work as a writer or an engineer, you can still be connected to others – clients, co-workers, and colleagues – through the world of Internet. As long as you have electronic devices like laptops, computers, tablets, smartphones, and also Internet connection, you can do this remote work easily. The perks of having such work are lots, including not having to deal with traffic or busy hours. The main perk is that you get to work in your own comfort. You can also decide when or how you should work. Whether you want to set up straight 8 working hours arrangement, or you want to have a relaxed atmosphere where you can still work and at the same caring for your family, it is all possible and doable with such telecommuting work.

Most of the people are always confused about this work. They know that telecommute is a super cool job that offers great perks, but in other hand, they still have to think about the paycheck or whether they will get steady payment. Well, if you know how, you can achieve both – being able to work in the more relaxed atmosphere and still being paid on a regular basis. Who says you need to leave your job and find a new one?

There are several schemes of how you can have such telecommuting job:

First of all, you can start by setting up your own business at home. Writer or consultant is the most common type of telecommuting work.

You can set up your own work-from-home atmosphere where you intently apply on professions, fields, or industry where direct presence isn’t needed. You are basically an employee – but the web link is your office and you have more flexibility when working. Web designer, content writer, or IT administrator is the example of such work. These kinds of work are usually done remotely, so sending applications, interviews, and task distribution or project management is also done through technology. All you need to have is The internet, electronic device, and chatting lines or teleconference program.

You can start from regular office, but then you feel that working from home can actually do you – and your work – lots of good things. You can convince your employer about letting you try out the idea, giving you a week or so trial period. Keep in mind, though, that if you want to execute the idea, you have to really know your workload, your responsibility, and how to accomplish them all. You also need to have a solid track record of how clean, efficient, and responsible you are in finishing the project you are assigned to. You may be required to still go to the office, but not on a daily basis, and mostly for meetings or brainstorming purpose.

How to Setup Work from hoME

In case you are interested in trying this telecommute job, here are the things to do:

In case you are thinking about ditching your old work and find a new one, you should really find a new company or employer that provides telecommute job or even the possibility of doing so. Such companies are generally quite open-minded about doing such work scheme. You can try big companies – that generally provide subdivisions or sections that allow telecommute jobs for the highly skilled and talented – or small companies that are more aware of promising talents.

You can see the job listings that specifically allow you to do telecommute work. Some jobs are designed and targeted for people who want to do it from their home. Online marketing, online administration, data entry, or translator is several examples of professions that are generally included within the list. But be aware of online scams as some providers may require you to pay first before you can get the job – or so they say.

Make sure that you have the qualifications needed for the work. In doing a professional work-from-home project, you need to be responsible, diligent, and determined. It doesn’t hurt to have good communication skill as well as good self-confidence as you will have to face different people, including clients. You need to show your skills and your qualification to the employer – or future employer – so no one will have doubt about your ability.

Be sure that you are familiar with the technology and communication. Sometimes, fast typing skill isn’t enough. It would help if you can show certificate for a computer class, for instance. If you can show your skills and your grasp in technology, it would be great. At least you need to know how to do web conference, use word documents and programs, operate and handle chatting lines, or other basic computer skills.

If you are going to persuade your employer about allowing you to work from home, don’t only focus on you, you, and you. You can give out facts about the benefits the company endures, such as electricity saving from not having to do any overwork project anymore or how doing web conference will actually help the company save more because they won’t have to provide snacks, beverages, or additional supplies.

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