How to Setup a VPN on Mac Using

What to Expect from

When you use the service from, of course, there are several perks that you can expect from them. Aside from the fact that the service is quite affordable and won’t hurt your pocket on a monthly basis, you can enjoy the handy features – along with very easy and simple management and arrangement.

Here are some of the basic benefits you can get from

  • Being anonymous truly. There is no need to worry that others may know your IP address; let alone knowing your location or identity. is very good to keep you under the radar so any government surveillance or identity thieves won’t be able to reach you. When you are truly anonymous during your online activities, it gives you confidence and also peace of mind.
  • Being free in accessing the online contents. Some countries – along with the providers – truly restrict of which sites you can visit and which ones aren’t. But when you use, you have the full control in your hand. You can visit any sites that you want without having to worry that it will be blocked or censored.
  • Getting fast and speedy access. Aside from the fact that you have all the controls now, you can enjoy the high-speed feature. No more spending times waiting for the sites to load or even experiencing delays or lags that will make your online activities sucks.
  • Enjoying top-notch security system and a high level of the protective feature. Although online activities have their own perks, one of the downsides is the easy access for hackers to do criminal actions. When you use service from, you don’t have to worry about your files or even identities being stolen. Thanks to the strong encryption system and feature, you can lock your credit card details, password, and other important documents easily – and you won’t have to worry that they can access those documents.

Those are the main benefits of using, but there are still more enjoyment and perks that you can get. For a starter, you can watch global TV and get direct – as well as easy – access to Netflix, HBO, Hulu, BBC, and others. You can stream millions of different channels easily, get world-class entertainment system, and you don’t even have to spend extra. The cool thing about the service is that everything will be very easy and simple. You don’t have to own technical knowledge or skills to operate it. Simply use the guides to install everything or make changes in the setting, and you are good to go within minutes only. Packages

For the price tags, there are three main packages being offered.

  • Free package. It is free, but the coverage of the service is quite limited, such as limited bandwidth, data transfer to 2GB only, and one simultaneous connection only, and limited support.
  • Plus package, with at least $5.5 per month. It comes with unlimited bandwidth, data transfer up to 75GB, one simultaneous connection, full support, and no port forwarding.
  • Premium package, which is the most popular choice. It starts from $ 11.67 per month. it comes with unlimited data transfer and bandwidth, full support, 5 simultaneous connection, and also additional features.

How to setup a VPN on your Mac using

1. Click the Apple icon on your Mac and choose System Preferences. Then select Network.

How to Setup a VPN on Mac and Get it for Free

How to Setup a VPN on Mac and Get it for Free1

2. Hit the + button to create a new service. Choose VPN on Select the interface. Select Cisco IPSec for VPN Type. Type HideMe or whatever you like into the Service Name field then hit the Create button.

How to Setup a VPN on Mac and Get it for Free5

How to Setup a VPN on Mac and Get it for Free3

How to Setup a VPN on Mac and Get it for Free4

3. Create a free account at to get a VPN. Then log in to your account and select Servers menu on the site. Usually, you will get 2 servers from Netherlands and Canada as shown below. You can switch server as you like though. In this tutorial, I’m going to use Canada server.

How to Setup a VPN on Mac and Get it for Free84. Go back to your Network setting. Fill the Server Address as Then use your Username into Account Name and your Password into Password field. Then hit the Authentication Settings button.

How to Setup a VPN on Mac and Get it for Free6

5. Type into Shared Secret field then hit the OK button.

How to Setup a VPN on Mac and Get it for Free7

6. Hit the Connect button and don’t forget to apply your changes by hitting the Apply button.

How to Setup a VPN on Mac and Get it for Free29

7. Voila! Your status is Connected and you are all set!

How to Setup a VPN on Mac and Get it for Free11

You can check your connection now is using VPN at

How to Setup a VPN on Mac and Get it for Free10

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