Social Media Marketing Trends In 2015

You are probably no stranger to marketing. This could be through audio, visual, or print media. With the increased use of social, marketers are also turning to it. Still, almost every other conventional marketing strategy is too expensive. These traditional marketing strategies are also distracters. When a marketing campaign is passing by, we tend to get distracted, don’t we? With the revolution of digital marketing, social media offers the best platform. Trustpilot reviews rank social media marketing high in the marketing world. Some of the social media marketing trends in 2015 are:

Rise of social media commerce

Social media platforms are prominently featuring in e-commerce. They have introduced “buy” button features. You can buy an item using your facebook or twitter account. This helps marketers to interact with their existing and prospective customers. You can now buy an item without necessarily having to travel. This is because marketers are offering delivery services after purchase through social media sites.

Social media and the B2B marketing

In 2004, facebook was the main social network which marketers used in the B2B arena. It was as high as 89%. However, LinkedIn has emerged to be the second best at 88%. Marketers are using LinkedIn in B2B marketing.

Use of Instagram

With millions of monthly users, Instagram has gained popularity with social media marketing which is image-based. According to the Social Media Marketing Industry Report, 42% of marketers are planning to use Instagram in marketing in 2015 compared to 38% in 2013. Instagram is also growing its micro-video space. In- feed video advertising is helping marketers to reach their existing and prospective customers. This is usually based on country, age and gender.

Audio and video

These are other digital marketing channels. They have evolved to be more powerful generating positive responses and other good engagements. Marketers usually place information in social media sites with audio and video links of their businesses. Customers are able to get information about these businesses through these audios and videos. This helps in marketing of different services.

Being embraced as core pillar of content marketing

Publication and distribution are now the two core pillars of content marketing strategy. Marketers have used social media to expand visibility and reach of their content. They post information about their businesses. This includes their business’ locations and the services they offer. They are able to reach different customers i.e. existing and prospective. Through this, social media has become more of an “amplifier” for the published content than the content itself.

Use of Twitter

Due to its flexibility and many choices in terms of customer payments, many marketers are turning to twitter for their marketing needs. Businesses pay for performance based actions not just for retweets. With the use of twitter, more offers are available. These include new followers and leads, tweet engagements, app installs and website clicks. All these are aimed at marketing different services and goods offered by different businesses and individuals.

Payment features using social media wallets

The rise of mobile usage has brought PayPal and Apple services taking a good hold of the mobile payment space. This has enabled businesses to amass customers from all corners of the globe. This has been possible because you do not have to present yourself for the payment.

Rise of new social networks

Among the new social networks is Ello, which provides an ad-free social network which ensures that vital user data is not sold to third parties. It does not read your posts to your friends as well as mapping social connect for profit. Yik yak focuses on the anonymous exchange of posts. Tsu offers revenue sharing on the popular posts. Businesses use all the platforms to market their products and services. What other social media marketing trends do you know?

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