Summarize on Mac: How to Read Better with Summarize

Some of you might be familiar with Summarize on Mac. However, I believe that there are many others who did not even know the existence of Summarize. This feature has actually existed on Mac for years but it has been made as a hidden feature. Moreover, Summarize has been removed as a default keyboard shortcut in some OS updates. If you want to use it, you need to turn it on. In fact, Summarize is an amazing feature to let you read the short version of any documents. Here we provide quick steps to activate and use Summarize on Mac.

Before going straightly to turn on Summarize, you should note that this article is intended for those who are new to Mac OS and Summarize. These steps are made to be simple to reach the basic level of readers. Summarize is a feature that used to be embedded in the menu bar of OS X. But now, you need to turn it on before using this feature. If you are a tech-savvy reader and have been using this Summarize feature for years, you may skip this article. There are plenty of complex articles that might meet your need.

To begin using the Summarize, you need to turn it on. Here is the step by step:

  1. Go to Apple, choose Systems Preferences, Keyboard and then choose Shortcuts.
    Summarize on Mac (0)
  2. From the shortcut options, you need to select Services. If it is not already open, you have to click the drop-down arrow beside the Text. Scroll down to find Summarize and check out whether or not the box is selected. If the box is not yet selected, you have to turn it on just like shown on the screenshot below.Summarize on Mac (1)

Now, your Summarize is on and you can summarize any documents from your OS X native program.

After turning on the Summarize, here are the steps to summarize the text:

  1. Select the desired text and go to menu which is located at the top left of your screen.
  2. From the drop-down menu, select Services and Summarize from the services list.
  3. You will see a window that shows a summarized version of the highlighted text. You can adjust the summary to give more or less information. You can also choose the options of sentence-to-sentence or paragraph-to-paragraph summary. You are allowed to read the summarized text over and over again as you can save it as a Text Edit document.

Summarize works for some different programs such as Word, mail and more. For your information, you can also summarize the text by right-clicking the highlighted text. Scroll down to Services and choose Summarize from the dropdown as shown below.

Summarize on Mac

However, this shortcut does not always work especially when you use in Word. Though you follow the instruction, you cannot access quick Summarize from this route.

For the bottom line, Summarize is a nice feature to let you comprehend any documents without reading the whole text. 

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