How to Take Screenshot on Android Phones

You are probably getting used to being able to do a screenshot on your iPhone, but when it comes to Android devices, the arrangement, and the method will be different. Basically, most Android devices will have the similar steps and ways, so once you get a grip on it, it would be easy for you. If you have the Samsung Galaxy S4, things will be even easier!

Here are the two ways that you can do when you want to learn about how to take a screenshot on Samsung Galaxy S4. In the first method, you are simply using the lock key and the home button only. Here are the steps to do:

1. Simply press both buttons at the same time and wait for a while until you hear the sound of the shutter.

2. Immediately afterward, you should see the white outline on the screen and there is a notification saying that your screenshot is being saved on the very top bar.

How to Take Screenshot on Samsung Galaxy S4

3. If you want to check it, simply go to Gallery and there is a specific folder there where your screenshot has been kept. That’s it and that’s all!

In the second method, you are going to use hand swipe trick. Here are the steps:

1. Make sure that your screen isn’t in lock screen mode.

2. Activate Palm Motion feature. In case you haven’t activated it and you don’t know how to do it, go to Settings, choose My Device, choose Motions and Gestures, and then choose Palm Motion.

How to Take Screenshot on Samsung Galaxy S4 4

3. After activating them, you simply use your hand to swipe your device from left to right – or right to left, depending on your preferences.

How to Take Screenshot on Samsung Galaxy S4 3

4. You should hear the sound of the shutter after doing the motion.

5. If you are able to see white outline followed by a notification saying that your screenshot has been kept, then you have successfully done the trick.

How to Take Screenshot on Samsung Galaxy S4 2

But, what if you need to do screen capture Android in other devices that may not as sophisticated as the Samsung Galaxy S4? Again, the implementation is quite easy. You can hold down the volume down button and the power button at the same time for a while until you hear the shutter sound. When you see a flash and a notification that your screenshot is being saved, you have managed to do this process quite easily.

Another method is to hold the power button for a while until a new screen for menu pops out. Then simply choose the option “Take a Screenshot”. You can get the screenshot immediately and without hassle at all.

In case you have to perform screenshot Android in 2.3 version or lower, you may have to use a special app for it. This is when things get a bit tricky. Some paid apps may require you to spend extra money, but they are relatively easy to operate and you don’t have to worry about a thing.

However, the free apps may require a bit tweaking, and you certainly need to be familiar yourself before using it. Apps like Android SDK or Ashot isn’t exactly very easy to set up and install, but once you adjust yourself to it, it is pretty handy and simple – but then again, you need to deal with the hassle first handed before you can enjoy the easiness. If you want to get the best apps, do your own research and browse their function and easiness. It is also fine to do some kind of trial and error period to get the best apps for your needs.

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