How to Teach Siri to be Your Handy Personal Assistant

Everyone knows that Siri can be quite handy and helpful with its basic commands, but you can actually make use of it to a higher level by making it your personal assistant. After I have discussed previously how to set up Siri to help you update your social media, there are still other ways that I want to share with you about Siri’s functionality. Keep on reading, and find what feature intrigues you the most.

Tell Siri about Your Relationship

You can teach Siri about particular people in your contact lists to simplify commands. You can always send emails to your boss, call your mom or dad, or text your spouse by telling Siri your relationship with each person. There are two methods to do so.

  • Open Contacts and choose your name.
  • Choose Edit
  • You should add a new field and then tap the option Add Related Name
  • From there, you can choose the provided relationship list, or you can even add your personal definition.How to Make Siri to be Your Handy Personal Assistant 3
    How to Make Siri to be Your Handy Personal Assistant 4
  • You can also directly tell Siri about who is who. For instance, if you tell Siri “Angela Fortner is my sister”, there will be questioned verifying the contact. If you confirm to it, Siri will remember it and keep it in its database.How to Make Siri to be Your Handy Personal Assistant 1

Dictate Formatting and Punctuation

Making a note, article, or creating an email will be easier if you use Siri to help you. Simply tell Siri what you want and it will do whatever you ask. You can have simple orders like Percent sign, No space on, Open quote, and such thing alike, and Siri will perform the task perfectly. After all, the commands are built in.How to Make Siri to be Your Handy Personal Assistant 5

Search Yahoo or Google

You can change the search engine default setting easily since Siri will rely on it. Simply go to Settings, choose Safari, and then choose Search Engine. The manufacturing plant generally has set it to Google, but you can change that without fuss. If you want to, you can also do one time only search with Yahoo or even Bing. Give the command to Siri like Search Google for… or Search Yahoo for… and state the topic you want to know.

Teach Siri to Correctly Pronounce Contacts Names

Do you know that you can actually add phonetic symbols to the first names of your contacts? You can even add it to the last names and also the nicknames. This feature is especially handy for difficult pronunciation so Siri won’t get it wrong.

  • Simply choose Contacts
  • Choose Edit, and tap the Add Field button
  • There will be different fields for Phonetic First Name, Last Name, and also Nickname.
  • Fill in the information and choose Save.
  • It will be kept in Siri’s database for later usageHow to Teach Siri to be Your Handy Personal Assistant (5)

Teach Siri to Call You with Different Name

Sometimes it gets boring when Siri address you personally with the same name over and over again. To make things a bit fun, you can teach Siri your new name.

  • Go to Settings
  • Choose General
  • Choose options Siri
  • Go to My Info

From there you can basically add your own contact list. For example, you can teach Siri: Call me Leon The Cheetah and Siri will call you with the new name until you change it again.

How to Teach Siri to be Your Handy Personal Assistant (6)


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